Runaway Steal

When Jack heard that his best friend’s sister, Amy, had run away from home, he instantly jumped in to help look for her. Though he was several years older, he had known Amy nearly all her life. She was just a high school sophomore, and she always seemed jealous of her brother and Jack’s college experience.
While Jack was driving several miles outside of town, he found Amy walking down the highway away from their town. As he pulled over, Jack noticed that Amy seemed to smile as she saw him coming. “Amy, thank God. Everyone is looking for you. Let’s get you home.” As Jack went to hug Amy, he felt a little shock as he touched her. All of a sudden, Amy ran away from him. As he chased her down, he noticed that his body seemed to be changing. He seemed to be getting shorter with each step and he could feel his hair growing out. Eventually, he had to stop in a field as his clothes were slipping off. As Jack looked down, he was shocked to see that he looked like Amy.
As Jack nervously tried to process the information, he heard his voice: “Hope you like that body AMY!” Jack looked up and saw his naked body coming out of the field. “What the hell did you do to us?!” Amy explained, “I hated my life. Everyone was oblivious to me. They would faun over my brother and you. I wanted to know what that was like. While walking the creek, I came across a medallion. I discovered I could transform into anyone by touching their. I figured, it should work when I touch them. That’s why I ran away. I was hoping it was you. Now, AMY, time to go home.”
Now at Amy’s house, grounded for running away, he stared in the mirror. He knew their was no way he could ever reverse this or tell anyone. Now, Jack had to be the best Amy he could for the rest of his life.


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