All girl’s trip

Let me explain, last week, was my girlfriend’s birthday. Her parents gave her, as a birthday present, a trip to a mexican beach for her and two of her friends. She wanted to take me with her, but her parents explicitly said “you are not allowed to take any man to your trip, not even your boyfriend”.

She told me there was a way for me to go with them. An aunt of her gave her a magic book for her birthday. In that book was a spell that would make me swap bodies with one of her friends. I told her I didn’t want to go through with it, I didn’t want to go as a chick, but she insisted. She told me her friend Emily was up for it. And that if I ever felt out of place, she could read the spell again, and we would swap our bodies back.

It took a while, but she finally convinced me. One night before leaving, we got all together, Jenny (my girlfriend), Emily, Jessica and me. Jenny read the spell, and in a few seconds I was in Emily’s body, and Emily in mine. We had our memories, and we behaved as ourselfs. “Take care of my body”, Emily said in my body, while giving me a kiss on the cheek. She had to leave, since no man was allowed on our trip. I saw Emily leave the house on my body.

That night was sublime, we were talking girl stuff, I felt out of place, but It was cool to be in a girl’s sleep over. Early next morning Jenny’s parents took us to the airport, and we flew down to Mexico. Everything went great the first few days. We even tried having lesbian sex, but it was kind of weird, I knew Jenny didn’t like it, but she pretended to enjoy it.

On the third day of our trip, Jenny recieved a phone call, I saw her get pale white. “What happened?” I asked, “I don’t know how to say this…. but my parents just told me that Tom, I mean, Emily, your old-body, was in an accident…… and he didn’t make it, he is dead”. I felt extremely bad, I was trapped in Emily’s body. I fell to the ground and collapsed. I threw up all night. Jenny tried to make me feel better, but I just wanted to scream, I was going mad at the thought of being a woman for the rest of my life.

In the morning, I said fuck it, I grabbed a bottle of whisky and some beer, and started drinking like crazy. I felt wasted, I walked out of the room, and started dancing in the aisle. I didn’t know what I was going to do, I was stuck in a beautiful woman, and completely drunk. I fell to the ground, and some guy helped me stand up. I don’t remember much afterwards. When I woke up, I was in our hotel room, but there was some guy with me, my pussy hurt, I must have had sex for hours. Jenny found out, and of course she was mad at me. That just made me feel like getting drunk again, every single day, for the rest of the trip I did the same routinne. And everysingle day I woke up with some different guy.

I didn’t like it, I wasn’t into guys, but I guess being drunk helped. When we got back home, Jenny broke up with me. I had to pretend to be Emily for the rest of my life, I became the campus official drunk and slut.


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