Split Personality Possession

I`m kinda unique in the world. There are few people that are able to possess other people, but all of them require them to leave their own body completely. But not me. I have got diagnosed with a whole bunch of capital letters (including split personality) and it affects my ability to possess others, because I can control both my own body and my victims body at the same time.
Well, it´s really more like that my original body act and think like me, but it´s my possessed body with my original mind that´s the boss. Thee original body will do anything I tell it to do, which comes in handy as I`m well hung. The feeling when I get penetrated by myself is indescribable.

Cindy here is the latest of my victims. I possessed her and then I told my original body to come along.
My friends that have seen me at the bar still can´t figure out how easy I can pick up girls. If only they knew…
Then we usually go back to the girls place so I can get fucked senseless by myself.


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