The Career Path

My name is Thomas Baker and as a recent college graduate, I just started my first real job. One of the admins in my office. a well built blonde woman a few years older than me named Jean, seemed to have taken a liking to me. Not wanting to jeopardize my new position with the company, I avoided encouraging her flirting. I thought she had got the message when she seemed to lose interest in me. Then the dreams started. The first night I dreamed I was sitting on a ratty old sofa in a run down apartment making out with Jean. The next day a work was awkward but Jean ignored me. A few nights later, I dreamed I was in the same apartment on the same sofa only this time I was Jean and I was making out with myself?! I awoke in my bed the next morning as usual. Normally I don’t remember my dreams, but this was so vivid it stayed with me all day. A few nights later, I had the dream again, only I was once again myself and Jean was herself and we went a little further. A few nights later, the dream repeated with me as Jean. The dreams continued in that vein for weeks. One night I was myself. Then a few nights later, I experienced the entire dream over as Jean. The only difference was each time we went a bit further. I began to think I was losing my mind or maybe my subconscious was trying to tell me something. Maybe it was telling me I shouldn’t have ignored Jean after all. I tried to talk to Jean at work, but she ignored me and walked off with a little smile. The weeks passed and honestly I was beginning to look forward to the dreams. They were obviously building to some conclusion. Then one night it nearly happened. We made out, then we fondled and soon we were naked on the ratty old sofa. My hard cock just inches from Jeans waiting pussy. Then I woke up. I was disappointed and excited. Disappointed because we hadn’t done the deed and excited because I knew it was nearly over. One more night as Jean then I would finally get to fuck my Blonde beauty. I could hardly sleep the next few nights I was so excited. Then it happened. I was Jean once more and we were on the sofa. I knew this was a dream and I knew we would repeat the last dream, stopping just short of the deed like before. Knowing this, I relaxed and enjoyed myself. I enjoyed the making out, I enjoyed the fondling and I enjoyed have a huge erect cock hovering inches over me. What I didn’t know was how surprised I would be when that huge cock plunged into my wet pussy. Wait! This isn’t right. Don’t! Don’t stop! This feels wonderful. We fucked until I passed out from the pleasure. I woke up naked on a ratty sofa in a run down apartment. Dry cum coated my sated pussy. My blonde hair matted with sweat. Now I’m an admin in a big office. I file, fetch coffee and answer the phone. Here comes that young Mr. Baker. He’s handsome and destined for great things in the company. Maybe if I’m nice to him, he’ll take me with him.


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