role exchanger – “how can this be any worse&q

“Are you teasing me? This is like, totally the worst!” I said, my super high pitched little girl voice still coming as a shock to my ears as I threw the ridiculous, lacy, hot pink bra I’d been struggling to put on for five minutes down and plopped onto the bed, barely keeping from falling back as I awkwardly tried to find my balance and center of gravity.

The bra had fallen next to me, the victorias secret tag showing from the inside of one huge cup, with “size -36 EEE” printed as if just to taunt me. Triple E cup tits! I grabbed the stupid thing and threw it onto the floor.

“Well, look at Naomi!” Chelsie said, pulling on a new pair of boxer briefs I had ironically just bought the day of the roll exchanger attack, and now could never dream of wearing. Chelsie on the other hand, now fit them perfect. Staring at the six foot two, 200 hundred pound male body that reflected back from the mirror and clumsily adjusting the large bulge that filled the grey underwear before she (he?) continued with the story. I could see Chelsie glancing at me in the mirror as she spoke, and, of course, felt her gaze on my naked body, which, knowing it was Chelsie, who until the roll exchanger had been one of my closest friends, as well as a 33 year old girl, hadn’t bothered me at all the last week as she helped me deal with learning to dress myself in the tiny, skin tight clothes I always wore as well as standing behind me as we both stared at my ultra sexy teenage wet dream face and body in the mirror as she helped me learn to apply make up and fix my long hair, which, even though my male mind hated doing, my bodies urges forced me into action, until my hair was done up like a model and I had enough glittery, glossy hot pink make up on to make sure I looked and felt like a barbie doll.

“The poor girl lost her 26 year old, incredibly attractive body to you, suddenly finds herself in your MALE body, screams, faints, then seconds later, got zapped again and ended up as a 5 year old girl! Not just bodies either… she traded educations with her as well. Naomi can now only has the knowledge of a 5 year old. I checked on her yesterday, she can’t work anymore, she can’t even use her phone! She’s having to re learn how to read and write again.” Chelsie said, turning to me as she slid into a pair of designer jeans I’d never seen before, and then turned to face me, running her hands through the now well trimmed beard that covered her face. I’d never been able to get it to look that neat and tidy… I guess Chelsie still had her knack for fashion and style, but now was applying it to me… or rather, her… or his new body… shit this is confusing as fuck.

“Even worse, that guy she’s been dating for the last year or so? Ted? Well, they just moved in together last week and, I guess he was parking his car outside and got hit as well. He ended up switching bodies with the 5 year old’s mom, a 40 year old woman who happened to be about five feet tall but almost 400 pounds, walk with a cane or ride a scooter due to her obesity, and a compulsive eater. Now, he’s having to play mommy to his former girlfriend, teaching her how to tie her shoes, learn how money and counting works and read simple text messages, while Naomi tries to help her former boyfriend resist eating everything in site and deal with life in an obese, female body.”

It had been almost one week exactly since it happened. I was meeting some friends for a drink after work at a local bar, just walking out to the patio to join my friends, when suddenly a blue glow appeared in the sky. I looked up, heard screams… suddenly I looked over and saw my friend Matt fall out of his chair screaming like a girl. That’s when the first blue flash hit me. My body tingled and I tried to run, but tripped over my pants, tried to catch my balance and fell to the ground. I frantically looked around and saw blasts of light and chaos everywhere I looked. I yelled at my friends Dave and Sasha for help, but my words choked to silence when I heard the high pitched, female voice that came from my mouth.

I’d heard of the roll exchanger appearing before, but thought it was an urban legend, like UFO sightings or something.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. The thing appeared in the sky and started blasting everyone in site. My friend Matt exchanged bodies with his girlfriend Danielle, which is why Matt (actually Danielle) screamed and fell out of the chair.

Jason, Matt and Danielle’s roomate and Matt’s best friend, was hit several times, exchanging random traits with two couples at the table next to us. He still looks the same, but he ended up with a quiet, soft girls voice as well as a incredibly thick Japanese accent (a young japanese tourist had been at the table next to him, who now had Jason’s loud, baritone male voice). Even worse, his close cut, receding hairline was now on top of a cute, freckled college girl (she had been in hysteric tears when she realized her hair was gone and she now had male pattern balness), and Jason now had waist length, curly red hair… it was bizarre, hearing broken English coming from his mouth, in a soft, very female sounding voice.

Those were the least of Jason’s worries though… A tall, attractive 30 year old blonde in tight, sexy jeans that showed off her long, model like legs had been talking on her cell phone had suddenly screeched in terror when the roll exchanger blasted her and Jason, Her eyes widened, her phone dropped to the ground, and frantically she struggled to unzip her skin tight jeans, yelling out in pain until she finally, relief and horror on her pretty face as the pain subsided, her eyes widening as her small, feminine hands reached into her jeans and freed the thick, 8 inch penis and rather large balls that had suddenly appeared where her vagina had been until the roll exchanger replaced it with Jason’s genitals.

Jason, recognition gripping his mind as he saw the very familier cock hanging between the former girls legs, suddenly widened his eyes and reached down, hands clutching his crotch through his jeans. His eyes began to fill with tears, and he turned and ran, his long, curly red hair bouncing with every step. His dick and balls were gone, replaced with a tiny patch of neatly trimmed blonde pubic hair and a very pretty, very sexy, fully functioning pussy, and, as he would learn at the doctor the next day, a complete working female reproductive system as well as the sex drive, female hormones and libido to go with it.

If it hadn’t actually happened it would almost be funny, but, Jason, desperate to regain his lost manhood, actually ran after the roll exchanger. I’m sure he regrets it now, but at the moment he probably figured things couldn’t get worse. That was before he ended up with the incredibly expensive, high quality D cup fake tits that Kathryn Smalls, a rich bank manager driving by in her bmw had just gotten two months ago by one of the best plastic surgeons in the country, who made sure that, while the large breasts would clearly be fake, they would be perfectly shaped, with only a tiny scar below each breast, and no damage to nerves, which was important to Kathryn because her small, a cup tits had always been very overly sensitive, especially her puffy, pink nipples, which she loved to have touched during sex and didn’t want to lose any sensation in.

The doctor did a perfect job, Jason can attest to that, as he can’t help but touch and squeeze the hated, heavy, bouncing fake tits that now hang from his formerly male chest whenever he masturbates, pinching his puffy, pink nipples and trying not to cry out from the pleasure, as the very high sex drive he also received from Kathryn forces him to once again give into the growing horniness that spreads through the freakish body the roll exchanger had stuck him with, with it’s male frame, legs, arms and face mismatching the huge fake breasts, big female nipples, huge mane of sexy, curly red hair, and especially, the pussy that he wants so badly to ignore, but can’t due to his new supercharged female libido.

The slightest sexual thought now caused a warmth to spread from the soft mound between his legs, growing wet… trying to ignore it, which, he found would work maybe one out of ten times, but usually, he’d find that the puffy nipples on his big fake boobs would suddenly spike erect, tingling with the need to be touched, which he had become very good at, good enough that just playing with his tits would make his pussy throb and soak through his underwear, until his hand and fingers just had to begin to stroke it, fingers sliding inside the tight folds before moving on to the round, pink perfectly shaped clit that humiliated him every time he fingered himself, but felt so amazing he had to do it, tickling it and finger banging it like he’d done to many women in the past… and now himself.

Then, as his lust grew, and his big male hands worked his fat, sexy female tits and tight, needy pussy, the most humiliating part of all would begin, and while Jason fought every time, the new sexual orientation he’d also swapped with Kathryn was tied into his amped up female sex drive, and had no problem forcing it’s way into his head, replacing old fantasies of cheerleaders and strippers and nurses with images of big, strong men with hard dicks, just like he used to have, making his now female body hum with lust, His face would blush red, as he kept trying to picture his usual masturbation fare like babes he knows, strippers he sees at the clubs sometimes, sexy actresses, but instead, his female sex drive and horny body end up making him imagine male heartthrob actors he always thought sucked laying next to him and stroking his body, sports stars he used to be fans of, but now pictured between his spread legs, fingering and licking the wet, pussy that was so tight he could barely slide his big, male sized fingers into one at a time until it had gotten so wet he could hear it squish as he worked it.

Worst of all, even friends like his roommate Matt popped up in his mind, humiliating his male mind, called by his new female lust and body, fantasies of guys from work, guys from his softball team, and worst of all, his best friend and roommate Matt filling his brain, Once it was over, the shame and embarrassment was almost too much to handle, but when his hips were bucking, his big tits being mauled and pinched with one of his big, strong hands as they bounced wildly to the rhythm of his middle finger sliding in and out of his wet pussy and working his clit, in his mind the image of Matt, shirtless, leaning over him and sliding his rock hard dick between his spread legs… Matt’s strong hands molesting Jason’s big, fat funbags just like he must have done with Danielle’s when they made love… at that moment, as an intense female orgasm builds and begins to rock his new body, Jason always knows how good it would feel to orgasm as Matt fucked his pussy, and, knowing he will hate himself for the fantasy later, knowing it’s a sexual desire he had forced on him from an actual woman, as his orgasm finally peaks, he finds his brains imagining yet again what it would feel like to have Matt shoot a huge load of cum inside deep into his horny pussy, inside his fully functioning female organs…. he even has to cover his mouth with a pillow after he realized he had started yelling out Matt’s name as he came.

Oh how do I know all that? Well, Jason also exchanged some personality traits with the bank manager he got the tits from as well. Mainly, always dressing to show off those big, expensive fake tits, a desire to want to see others have sex, and, getting turned on by talking about her own sexual exploits… she had been a swinger, loving to go to orgies, have threesomes, be watched and watch others, and especially, she loved talking about sex to other women. The two times I’d seen Jason since the attack, Chelsie and I had stopped by to check on everyone, and I guess since I was a girl now, Jason couldn’t help himself… when I asked how he was handling it, after he said he was humiliated and never wanted anyone to see him again, he then told me how, he has a need to go out even though he doesn’t want too, so that he can watch people stare and lust over his huge tits… and then Jason said how he couldn’t stop talking about sex all the time… and that’s when I heard all about the changes in his sexlife since he’d become a female.

Our friend Naomi, who Chelsie had met in art school, was bartending at the time (which was half the reason I’d agreed to meet Chelsie for a drink, I’d had a crush on Naomi for years now). Looking sexy as always, I couldn’t help but stare as she walked by us and said hello, enjoying the way she felt when she gave me a friendly hug.

The short (five foot fucking one! how can anyone live being this short!) very pretty brunette with a body that could stop traffic, with her perfect, big round ass, high, firm tits and slim, tiny waise, had just gone in to get our drinks at the time, and had suddenly came running back out to see what the commotion was, and before I could move she tripped over me.

We both screamed (sounding like two girls of course) and the roll exchanger turned and focused on us, blasting away, not only hitting me and Naomi, but also Danielle, now in the body of her boyfriend Matt, and Matt, who was struggling to keep his button up flannel shirt from bursting open as he dealt with his new form, Danielle’s former very curvy and very female body… and her huge, awkward, jiggling, bouncing oversized al natural breasts.

Danielle is, or rather, until the attack WAS a cute, half latino 28 year old nurse who I had become pretty good friends with after her and my buddy Matt started dating, and, while I found her smart and funny and cool to hang out with, also, happened to be one of, if not thee, bustiest girl I’d ever met.

Seriously, her tits were gigantic, and even more so due to the fact that her bodym which was attractive enough, was not proportioned for them at all, making them stand out no matter what she wore. Her exotic look, her long jet black hair and big, full lips would have got her plenty of attention from men, so combined with her extremely well endowned chest, no guy could see her and ever forget the way those enormous, oversized, all natural boobs of hers seemed to force your eyes to stare at them.

I glared at Chelsie, who stared at me as I sat naked on the bed, once again struggling to get dressed in a way that will allow me to leave the house without being humiliated.

“Well, like, at least Naomi will like, still be a girl and once she re learns that stuff can totally like, be smart and stuff again! I’m like, supposed to be a dude with like a big dick and instead I’m, like, stuck as this babe, dressing like a total barbie doll and like, can’t stop talking like a ditzy airhead!” I growled, the words I tried to say being changed by my brain and mouth into airhead bimbo speak no matter what I did. still glaring at Chelsie as she towered over me, until I caught my reflection in the mirror and realized that the glare on my new face just looked like a sexy, cute pout.

When the roll exchanger was through with me I was not even close to being Brian Swanson, 38 year old construction worker and guitarist in a local band. I was now a 16 year old girl, who looked like she could be Naomi’s sister. That was due to exchanging bodies with Naomi, and then, ages with a 16 year old high school girl that had been walking by with some friends. She found herself growing and aging until an attractive, 38 year old woman stood in tears, looking ridiculous in the hot pink belly shirt and skin tight denim short shorts that had looked rather slutty but not strange on her seconds before.

Not only did I get that girls age, but, even worse, we exchanged fashion senses, vocabulary and mannerisms. Cindi, who had been a popular “bad girl” at her high school, now talked, moved and dressed like a middle aged man no matter how much she tried to fight it, the formerly sexy party teen now forced to live lookin like a lesbian at best, dressed in mens clothes and every ounce of feminine grace gone from her movements.

I on the other hand, now have everything I try to say translated by her airhead teenage vocabulary, making me sound like a bimbo no matter how hard I try to fight it. Even worse, I move like a slutty, tease of a girl which makes the fact that I have Cindi’s fashion sense, forcing me to dress in tight, super girly and slutty clothes, as well as super heavy make up, usually hot pink to match the stupid outfits I’m stuck parading around in, mincing in high heels and feeling the stares of men as my stupid fashion sense forces me to show an almost illegal amount of skin as my hips sway and my tits bounce.

Oh yeah, did I mention my tits? Matt, in his girlfriend Danielle’s body, lucked out in that deal. He has Naomi’s breasts, those perfect, high, firm C cups I’d lusted after for years. While I’m sure they are awkward for him to adjust to, on top of everything else about being stuck to live in his girlfriend’s body, he lucked out big time in my opinion, since I got stuck with Danielle’s huge, round, basketball sized boobs, which, even wrapped in a bra (which Chelsie had to help me track down in a humiliating afternoon of visiting women’s clothing stores the next day after the attack, which is when I found out that I have triple E cup tits and, also found out that I no matter how much I hate it, my body and fashion sense love to squeeze them into little tops, with a pornographic amount of jiggling, bouncing cleavage making sure no man ever looks me in the eyes again.

“I like, am sick of trying to squeeze my stupid melons into that bra!” I said as Chelsie sat next to me and I pulled up my long, full black hair (which I had spent fucking over an hour fixing this morning!) as she grabbed the bra and straitened it, and I prepared for another lecture on how I need to start learning how to do this stuff myself.

She turned, and I looked up at the much larger man she know was, the site of my former body towering over my weak, tiny female frame sending a charge through me. Chelsie smiled, and, saying that she know were just friends, says she has another lesson about being a woman for me.

Once she grabbed my hand and placed it on her rock hard dick, I realized something wasn’t right. My body started to tingle, a warmth spreading through me, my big, thumb sized nipples hardening.

I tried to masturbate almost every night since I’d been in this body, staring at Naomi’s gorgeous body that was now mine, her face and skin glowing with youth and teenage sexuality, while Danielle’s huge, basketball boobs sat impossibly on my petite frame, watching myself in the mirror and knowing how much the site would have turned me on before I lost my dick, touching myself, getting my teenage girl body good and revved up… but, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the nerve to actually do more than lightly stroke the… the vagina between my legs.

“What are…” I started to ask, but was silenced by the scratchy feel of Chelsie pressing her lips to mine, my former beard somehow making me catch my breath as she kissed me, her tongue slowly running over my big, soft lips. I started to tell her to stop, but her tongue shot down my throat, and her hands suddenly were all over my thighs, my ass, my tits… laying me back….

“In all the confusion you didn’t notice, but both of us actually got shot again, after you fainted.” Her low, manly voice said as she spread my legs and slid down my body, roughly kneading my huge tits causing me to moan like the teen bimbo that roll exchanger had forced me to become.

“Like… what do you mean… I… oh god!” I cried out and squeeled as her mouth dropped between my legs and her breath warmed the wet pussy that seemed to be taking over my entire body.

“Like… I’m like Brian… and… oh fuck oh god… I’m not a chick I like pussy… oh god my pussy! Oh god I like ….” I tried to make my slutty body and bimbo talk stop chelsie but the second her tongue slid down the wet slit and flicked over my clit, I found myself putting my hands on the back of her head and pushing her mouth between my legs.

Chelsie clearly knew what she was doing, having had a pussy of her own her entire life until last week, and less than a minute later I was screaming out like a porn star that I was cumming, squeezing my huge tits as I felt my first female orgasm overpower my body with pleasure, the big man between my legs sitting up and smiling at me.

“Oh… like wow. I like, came so hard…” I said between panting breaths, orgasm still fogging my brain.

“I knew you’d like that… you see, I ended up in your body, but I lied when I said I had my own mind totally intact. I didn’t want you to feel weird around me…” Chelsie grinned my lopsided grin at me and layed next to me, stroking my soft thigh. I felt something poking me… something big and hard.

“Wait… like Chelsie… no I’m like, not into big hard cocks and… like my… oh!” I was cut off as I suddenly was grabbed and hefted onto my side, Chelsies big strong arm sliding around me, cupping my left breast and pinching the big, thumb sized nipple painfully hard. It sent a shock of pain and pleasure from my nipples straight to my pussy and brain. I diddn’t even realize I’d spread my legs…

“See Brian, I ended up with the libido and sex drive of two 19 year guys that tried to escape on skateboards down the alley next to us. They both have half of my old sex drive… which must be weird going what I have now, because I can’t stop thinking about… doing this… to you!” Chelsie said, and emphasized the last four words by raising my leg with her hand and suddenly sliding her hard dick against my wet slit, rubbing it against me until my legs widened even more, but this time without Chelsie’s help.

“But like… I just got my slutty clothes and like, silly talk from like that girl… and like Naomi’s body, and like that girls age…” Chelsie thrust faster, causing my huge EEE cup tits to bounce out of control, jiggling so wildly with each thrust that my tiny, female hands were useless to stop them.

Suddenly Chelsie slid into me even more, and, looking down past the huge bouncing knockers on my chest, I could see that she had only slid less than half of her dick into me, and yet it felt like I was being filled up impossibly…. I tried to speak again, to try and tell her that I’m still Brian, and I don’t want to be fucked, but only little moans came out. Finally I was able to just say “stop!”

The emptiness was shocking as she quickly pulled out, and then grabbed me, pulling me up to my knees and kissing me hard on my mouth, then kneck, then slobbering all over my boobs, biting and sucking the nipples before stopping and kneeling up in front of me.

“You want me to stop Brian?” Smiling, she began to climb off the bed. I wanted to feel relief, but instead I just felt an intense need… to have Chelsie’s cock back inside of me!

“No like… I don’t want you to stop… but I mean, I do, I’m like… still into chicks…” I said confused as I slid my hands over my sweat soaked tits and began to knead them desperate to try and get rid of these overpowering feelings that were in control of my slutty teenage girl body.

“I’m sorry Brian… the doctors said not to mention it… that you’d find out on your own, but I feel like it’s cruel to not let you know… especially after you said that you couldn’t get your own body off anymore…” Chelsie said, staring down at me as she stood up next to the bed. She pulled me forward and took my hands, and placed them on her cock, which looked huge with these little fingers with the long, barbie pink fingernails at the ends I now had wrapped around them,

“You ended up with my old sex drive… as well as Naomi’s… and Danielle’s. Three hetero females… you can’t get yourself off because you have the libido’s of three girls begging you to find a cock to suck…” my hair was brushed to the side by Chelsie’s big hand as I realized I was licking the tip of her dick… I tried to speak, but she pulled my head forward and suddenly a bolt of lust shot through me as I began to bob up and down, working her with my hands and lips and tongue, my maleness forgotten as the huge dick in my mouth drove me wild with desire.

I slid back and released Chelsie from my wet lips with a loud pop, and she moaned, her eyes closed and I could see precum leak from her dick. A wave of pleasure rolled over me from the look on my former face letting me know that Chelsie was enjoying herself. I then leaned back, and smiling, pulled her up to straddle me.

“Like, take that big hard cock and fuck my big soft boobies!” I found myself saying, Chelsie quickly obliging, furiously fucking my tits for several minutes while telling me what a sexy nympho slut I’d become. Then, without warning she grabbed me, spun me around on my hands and knees, slapped my ass so hard it stung, and before my big round butt had even stopped jiggling, slid her cock into me and began taking me doggystyle, faster and harder until the entire thing was inside me, causing me to cry out like a porno slut.

“Oh god, fuck me like the big tittied teen slut I am! Oh god, please… make me cum… make me…”

That’s when Chelsie grabbed my hips, then pulled me up and against her, sliding me down onto her spasming dick, pulling my head back and furiously kissing me, her hands working my tits so hard I thought I might pass out from the pleasure and pain, and as I felt Chelsie’s hot cum begin to fill the inside of my pussy an orgasm ten times as intenese as any I’ve felt in my entire life took over my body as I came onto Chelsie’s dick.

The orgasm got even more intense, her cock still twitching inside of me, her hot sperm filling me still, my orgasm still going strong. Chelsie kissed my neck, I clenched on her big dick and heard myself speak again.

“Your big huge dick feels soooo good… I love your cum inside me…. I want more… more”

Chelsie had kept one other thing from me as well, but I realized it later that night as we lay naked together, my body aching from how many times she’d fucked me that night, her cum running out between my legs.

Naomi always talked about wanting kids. I was scared shitless… thinking about how many times Chelsie had cum into my fully functioning female pussy….. knowing how bad it was to be stuck in this body, once a man, now a wet dream of a teen with cartoon sized blimp tits… but with a swollen stomach? These tits filling with milk? Giving… birth? No!

but I could feel the longing inside my body… the need to become a mother.


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