“How does it feel?”, the three male nerds in the group of four people asked Hank almost in unison after the changes was complete.

Hank tensed and released the muscles on his upper body, playing around with his new boobs.
“I´ve got two words for ya: absolutely awesome”. Hank giggled when he heard his female voice for the first time.
“I feel so light and athletic, and I don´t need to wear any glasses”, She turned to Craig: “You if any will love getting rid of those bottles you use for glasses”, making a hint towards the above average thickness of his glasses. He didn´t retort, he just sat there in amazement that a cute girl had spoken to him.

“Cheers, gentlemen!”, Gary exclaimed and the three remaining guys clinked their glasses with the transformation potion and gulped it all down in one swoop.
“Blergh! It tastes vile!” Lyle informed the others while making a disgusted face. The other two, Craig and Gary, made similar faces.
Within a couple of minutes there were two blondes, one brunette and one redhead sitting in the minivan, and three of them prodded and poked their new bodies. The first fascination had already passed for Hank which instead to the opportunity to watch the other three girls touching themselves.
It was strangely arousing.
He shaked his head and snapped out of it.

Wanting to keep the initiative he called out:
“Are you ready, ladies?”
“yeah!”, he heard a weak girly chorus in response.
“Are you ready to go on a roadtrip to California?!”
“Yeah!”, the response came from the three girls in a stronger chorus.
Hank gathered air in his lungs. “Are you ready to go to California to part-ay!”
“YEAH!” The three women roared in chorus.
“Damn right. Ladies! Roll call!” Hank said and pointed first at Craig. “You are..?”
“And I`m Hanna. Push the pedal to the metal, Clara. Let´s goooo!”


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