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Reverse bodyhopper

There are many different ways of creating a bodyhopper one of the most common ways is for two bodyhopper possessing two people to conceive a child. Karen was created by two bodyhoppers but in an unusual way her parents weren’t possessing anyone, they created her out of love for each other. Bodyhoppers have an extreme self-hatred of their own bodies but Karen’s parents weren’t like other bodyhoppers they believed that bodyhoppers should use their abilities to punish nasty people. When they created Karen they left behind the bodyhopper community hoping to raise their daughter outside of the evil influence of the rest of their kind. What they didn’t know at the time was that when a child is born from two bodyhoppers the natural way they gift is twisted into another form. Karen didn’t know the official term for what she was but ever since she learnt of the gift she had referred to herself as a reverse bodyhopper. Her gift didn’t allow her to possess other people but for normal people to possess her, as Karen struggled against the zip ties around her wrist she cursed her gift. Read more