Revenge Replacement

Fred wondered if something was in that drink he just sipped, he felt woozy, intoxicated, and different. Did he shrink in height, and did his hair just get longer, and why was his chest now heavy and soft, and his crotch empty feeling? What was so tight around his legs, and what was he wearing on his head? He was too woozy to make sense of it all, and finally collapsed into a big hunky beachgoer’s arms, who was none other than his buddy Oliver.

“Fred caused my girlfriend to have that accident and die, by arguing with her, now he can replace her,” said Oliver as he evilly smiled at the newly transformed woman in his arms.

Fred would wake as then new Wendy, and would have to do all that Oliver wanted, or he would have her “sleep with the fishes” on the beach. She was sober now, and realizing she was now a woman, and that Oliver was getting payback and a new girlfriend out of that drink he concocted. A lifeguard tried to intervene, thinking Oliver was taking advantage of a girl on the beach, but Oliver just told him to calm down and have a drink.

The new Wendy said, “NO!”

But it was too late, the lifeguard drank, and soon was wearing a one piece red bathing suit with two DDD’s on his chest, too woozy to think straight.

Oliver told the lifeguard, “You’re new name is Pamela, and you’re a Baywatch babe now, go back to your tower, there’s nothing to see here, unless you want some of this.”

The new Wendy pounded on Oliver’s chest in protest of his wrongdoings, but it was no use, she was way smaller than him now, and he just smiled and laughed.

“Wendy let’s go back to my room, time to break you in right,” said Oliver smiling, his shorts already growing in front.

He dragged the new Wendy with him, as tears rolled down her face, she was so sorry about what happened in the accident, but this was no excuse for what Oliver had done to her! Later up at the hotel room, Wendy opened the window for some “fresh air” and let Oliver seduce her by that open window. She then turned around quickly and Oliver lost his footing and slipped out the window, hanging on by one hand.

“Please Fred, don’t let me die, I’m sorry for what I did to you. I’m sorry there’s no way back either. I’m sorry for everything. If you save me, I’ll let you go, and leave you alone. I’m sorry you’ll be stuck as a girl, but it’s all I can do. Please, don’t let me die, I’m not really that bad a person, honest, I just lost my one true love forever, that makes me crazy, please,” pleaded Oliver.

The former Fred, now Wendy, tugged with both hands to help pull up Oliver, sorry she was trying to make him have an accident, as this would make her just as bad as him. She had to try really heard to pull up Oliver, he was a big strong dude, and she was a tiny soft girl now, but she did it.

She even smiled, “Girl power!”

“Look, Fred, Wendy, I’m so sorry. I needed that to wake up to what I was doing to others. I’m so sick with grief. Wendy was my one true love, my only love. I know you’re not really Wendy, she is gone for good, but you look like her, but still that is no excuse,” said Oliver.

New Wendy said, “Oliver, it’s fine. I shouldn’t have tried to make you have an accident, or argued with your girlfriend in traffic either. I was having a bad day with my car breaking down in the middle of a busy intersection, nearly getting hit twice, and one thing led to another and boom we were arguing, and she got distracted and died in that accident because of me. I should have been the one.”

Oliver smiled, “Don’t say that, sometimes I think things happen for a reason. We just have to accept them.”

“Accept them? I’ve had to try really hard to accept the fact that I’m a pint sized chick now too, but you are right,” said new Wendy.

“Fred… Wendy, if you like we could still be friends, and I’ll treat you right from now on. The potion I bought was permanent though, in my anger for revenge and urgency to replace my lost love, I got one that was irreversible. I’m sorry Wendy, so sorry,” said Oliver, tears rolling down his face.

“Just forget it, this feels kinda nice anyway, but you didn’t hear me say that,” said Wendy hugging Oliver.

She felt Oliver’s shorts grow in front again, and pulled away, “Whoa hey now, not so fast.”

“Sorry just you look like Wendy, and I really loved her, sorry,” said Oliver.

“You know what, screw it. I’m a chick, you’re a guy, for some reason you look good to me now, must be the hormones and the fact that I’m a GIRL now. Anyway, pull it out and lemme see,” said Wendy.

Oliver did, and smiled and Wendy grabbed it with her dainty right hand, and began to lick the tip, eventually leading to a full on blowjob.

“You don’t have to do this, this is like some kind of weird makeup sex,” said Oliver.

“I know I don’t, but I want to, and soon you can take me,” said Wendy pulling her mouth off of Oliver to speak.

They had a wild afternoon of passion in that room, and a wild night of beach partying. Wendy would later find she had a bun in the oven, but was surprised when she told Oliver that he was actually happy about it, wanting to start a family. Nine months later they were Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Beckham, and they had a newborn baby girl, who oddly enough they named Olivia Frederica Wendy Beckham, Olivia for Oliver, Frederica for Fred, Wendy for Oliver’s lost love, and the family name Beckham.


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