My friend and I had vacation plans but our girlfriends had just broken up with us and weren’t coming. The first day there my friend brought me a mixed drink like so many times before. After I finished the drink I wasn’t feeling very good. I was in pain all over. My friend helped me back to our room to lie down.

As I’m lying there I notice my body hair is gone. My arms and legs have lost muscle definition. They look soft like a girls. My nipples look larger too? Wtf! Are those boobs growing on my chest? Holy shit! I have tits! No, that means…. I reach down to grab my dick but it’s gone. My fingers only find an opening. My pussy! Dude, wtf happened? I’m a girl! My voice is even a girls.

Evan says well, I spiked your drink with this magic formula. Since our girls broke up with us I thought since we have been friends forever that you’d make a great girlfriend. I came prepared tho. In my suitcase is my exs clothes. Here, this is here bikini.

I’m furious but don’t know what to do so I decided to go with it for the time being until I could come up with a solution. We went back to the beach. As I’m sitting here rubbing sunscreen on my body and I love the feel. My skin is silky smooth and soft. My boobs, well the feeling rubbing lotion on them is very enjoyable. I laid there tanning and my mind started drifting off towards girl clothes and purses and shoes I had seen while shopping with my ex. I mentally picked out the ones I liked. I started to check out the guys walking by and my body got turned on! Their muscles, mmmmm yummy! Crap, I’m really turning into a girl! Even my mind!

The day has flown by. We went out for dinner and then clubbing. Dancing was so fun! Why didn’t Evan want to dance? We call it a night and go back to the hotel. As I’m lying in bed, I start thinking about my buds dick. I wonder what it would feel like in my pussy. I’m so turned on! I climb into his bed and we start kissing. I’m on top straddling him. I’m topless like I used to be when I slept but I have panties on. As we kiss I reach down to slide my panties off. I settle back into position and his dick is poking my pussy! Evan slept in the nude, what a presumptuous asshole. I like his dick rubbing on my pussy though. I continue to kiss him and grind my sweet box on his dick. My juices are making his shaft wet. He can’t take it anymore and grabs his dick lifting it upward. My next movement downward causes him to enter my vagina. God this feels good! I’m moaning very loudly and the room next door is banging on the wall. After we both cum, I climb into my bed and neither one of us said a word.

The following morning I knew what I was going to do. I’m going to turn Evan into a girl too so he can know just how great this is. I tell him to go ahead to the beach and get us a spot. After he leaves, I searched his luggage and easily found the magic formula. Step one done, now I just have to wait till this afternoon when we start drinking. I enjoyed laying in the sun again. I feel amazing. We go back to the room at lunchtime and have sex again. I stay behind and shower. On my way back to the beach, I pick up a beer, and pour the formula into it.

Hey Evan, I got you a beer. Lay back and let your girlfriend pour it in your mouth.

We are back from vacation and Erica and I are bff’s now. We befriended our exs and the four of us go shopping and to the salon together. Once we learn everything we can about being girls from them, we intend to steal their boyfriends. I guess for me I get to have revenge twice but since becoming a girl is the best thing ever, I don’t really think of what I did to Evan as revenge but a gift.


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