Spice things up.

Jason and his wife Melanie were trying to spice things up after the great shift.

They were one of the lucky couples who swap with each other and not complete strangers but the role reversal still took some getting used to.

It was like starting your life all over again.

Forgetting everything you learnt as a child and growing up in your gender.

But they had a strong marriage and they were going to make the best of it despite what the great shift had done to them.

And after only a couple of months getting used to their new roles in their relationship they were both ready to move the relationship to the next level.

Melanie thought it would be nice to treat Jason to some new sexy lingerie as for the most part he had been wearing her old clothes and this was just another way of adding a little bit more spice.

Jason felt nervous but sexy and empowered when he stepped out of the dressing room in Victoria secrets wearing a beautiful set of sexy lingerie black stockings and a pair of high heels and a cheeky smile.

As he stood there showing Melanie what he had finally picked out set him thinking back to the last time they were both in there he was the one sipping the champagne and she was the one standing in the sexy lingerie.

Jason asked Melanie what she thought of it but he already knew by the expression on her face that she approved as he went back into the fitting room and slipped on his dress and told the sales lady that he was going to wear it out as he paid for it with his credit card.

Melanie could not get Jason home quick enough so she could slip him out of his new lingerie and into their bed.


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