Something’s Awful Fishy

Ted knew something was awful fishy about that necklace he put on that his friend Nate gave him. When Ted put it on he blacked out, and when he woke up, he was in for a the surprise! He had long blonde hair in his eyes, a huge weight bouncing on his chest, and a pleasurable pressure between his legs!!

Looking down he seen the huge breasts blocking his view, and then seen his friend Nate smiling. He was riding his friend Nate’s apparently huge cock! He could feel it’s size inside him! He was a woman now?! How, why, it must have been that necklace!

He went to rip it off, and it came right off, but he was the same! He knew something was fishy here, and in fact, he smelled something fishy too! It was him! He was not only this busty blonde riding his buddy, but smelled like a fishy slut as well!

“Wha… uh… the… uh… heck… is… going… on… here?! My voice… even my… uh… voice is uh… a chick’s! What… uh… did… oh… you… OH… do… UGH… to… ME?! OH MY… WORDZ… I’m… ugh… a… FISHY SLUT,” said Ted, if he could even be called that now, with such a drastic transformation, as he certainly didn’t look like a “Ted” now!

“Well, my dear, Ted, that necklace was magical, passed down through our family for generations. It would allow me to change someone close to me into what I would want ideally. It works only once per generation, and only once per person, so I guess you should be wondering where to get a bra to fit those luscious breasts you now permanently have on that delicious hot chest of yours. Wow, what are you like a DDDD? Maybe more I think!! You don’t look like a Ted either, how about Terra? Or better yet, Terra Tanks! YES! OH, my I’m… UGH, I’m CUMMING,” said Nate, as he unloaded into the new busty woman, his former guy friend, now new, hopefully, girlfriend!

Ted, now Terra felt the hot seed enter her, and was like nothing he, no SHE felt before! She instantly orgasmed too, multiple times, in fact! The pleasure was intense each time, and for a brief moment, Terra forgot about her “dilemma”! The reality came rushing back, as she sat on Nate, slowly shrinking cock, getting another whiff of that slutty fishy smell now coming from HER new crotch!

“I can’t believe this! I’m a flippin’ busty chick, and I smell like a tuna factory! Look at these… these THINGS! Unflippin’ believable! What do you just expect me to be your girlfriend now or something you sick perv,” said Terra.

“That was the plan, Terra. I liked you as a friend, but liked you better as a friend and a sexy woman. Now you can be my girlfriend, and maybe my wife later. I know were a little close before, but now we can be a lot close, much like we just were, only a whole lot more now. After all, there is no way for you to change back, even if I pass down the necklace, the next person can’t use it on you. I think you better get used to being called Terra, and carrying around those sexy weights! By the way your pussy is remarkably hot as well. I’ve never felt a woman like you before. Believe it or not, that fishy smell you have turns me on big time too, I love a skanky smelling slutbomb like you! Now you are my SLUT, and get this, no one will believe you were ever Ted, I mean look down at yourself, do you look like Ted? I think not really. Just embrace your new chickdom babe,” said Nate smiling.

Terra hefted her boobs up again in shock as she let go and they bounced down with tremendous weight. She knew he was right, and starting crying. She got up and went for a mirror and was absolutely stunned at the sight of herself. As Nate’s cum started to drip down her legs, she was distraught, but realized this was her life now, no turning back. What was more puzzling was, Nate was starting to look really hot to her now, even after all he had done to her. She was starting to realize her new feminine desires, and it scared her big time, but not as much as how she was going to cover these mammoth boobs up and carry them on her chest all day everyday!


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