Results may vary

Although there is always one constant, the results usually vary. A few months ago I bought a gender swap gun. Back then I didn’t even know what I was buying, but it was cheap, and it looked like a scifi gun. And being the big collector I am, I bought it without hesitation. I pretend shot my friend James with the gun, in no time, I saw him transform from a 25 year old man, into a really hot 22 year old redhead. She didn’t remember James at all, she acted like she had always been a woman named Jane. But about 3 hours later, she reverted back to her maleself. James was unaware of what had happened.

Of course I didn’t tell him what I had done, but I decided to test the gun a little further. The next day I transformed a random guy at a shopping mall. He went from buying a guitar, into looking for a nice dress. I couldn’t help but laugh. Once again, she was unaware of the changes, but she was a 36 year old woman. It looked like the changes were random. “Ok, but she’ll be back to her former self in a few hours” I thought. But to much of my surprise, up to this day, she hasn’t reverted back. Several times I have ran into her at the shopping mall.

I got scared, I couldn’t tell what the results may be, so I thoguht about not using the raygun anymore. I could trap someone else as a woman. But one day, I was out of town, when curiousity kicked in, “what if use the raygun on a woman, instead of a guy?” I thought. I held up for a few hours, trying not use the gun. But I decided to transform someone at random. A woman in her mid 20s, was walking with a friend of hers, I saw her transform into a guy. “What the hell?” he said. “Why am I a guy?” he said with a manly voice, his friend, was unaware of the changes, but she looked confused. I realized at that moment that results did indeed vary. “Hopefully that guy would revert back to his formerself soon” I thought. “Get away from me!” he told his friend, “I am not a man, I am not your husband, I am Amy” he said. And just like that, he transformed back. She looked relieved. Thank good, it only lasted a couple of minutes.

I decided to get rid of the gun. I went into my hotel room, and looked at myself in the mirror. I was holding the gun, I don’t know why, I possed like I was about to shoot something. And by mistake pressed the trigger. “Oh shit” were my last manly words. The ray shot the mirror and reflected back to me. I felt how my body changed. Although it took mere seconds, it felt like hours. I had breasts, I no longer had my equipment. I had long brunette hair, and was dressed in a nice dress. During the transformation, I kept thinking “I hope I get to keep my mind”. And thank god I did. Once I came back to my senses, I felt sexy, I felt empowered, I knew I used to be a man, I just didn’t care. I looked at the gun one last time, “this is some stupid kids toy” I said outloud and threw it in the trash. I grabbed my purse, and got ready to leave my hotel room, I was late for a date.


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