“Why don’t you look happy Amy?” My sister asked me. I was still mad at her, she had spiced my bath. She knew how stressed I was with work, so she convinced me to take a special relaxing bath. She gave me some scented bath salts. “Just add them in and relax” she said “all your troubles will fade away”.

I can’t believe I was so naive. I believed her! As soon as I added the salt into my bath, my body started to change. In no time I left manhood and became a woman. I just looked at her, still kinda mad. “You might as well forget all your problems Amy, you have a new life ahead of you”. I knew she was right, but why a woman? I kept asking myself.

“I always wanted an older sister! Don’t be mad, once you look at yourself in the mirror, I know you’ll totally forgive me”. I wanted my sister to just stop talking and leave. By now, I wasn’t mad at the thought of being a girl, I just wanted some alone time to explore my new body. “


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