Very angry friend

James immediately got up from the couch when he heard someone knocking on the door. It was his friend Mike. “Good morning Mrs. Johnson. Is James home?” Mike asked. “Yes come in” Jason invited him and they went together to the living room. James tried to sort out his thoughts, how to tell him he turned into his own mother. ” You see Mike, there’s something we need to talk about” James started explaining his situation.

James didn’t know how it happened but one moment he was at school and then he found himself washing dishes in his mother’s body. He told him everything, trying to be as much convincing as he could. Mike only nodded with understanding. “You see Mrs. Johnson, i’m completely aware of your situation. Actually it was me who did it” Mike laughed “What!? You did this to me? Why?” James was shocked. “Because you’re the worse scum i ever meet! How could you bang my girlfriend” Mike shouted at him. “How did you know” James asked. “Not your busines. But since you did it, i decided to punish you and swap your body with your mom permamently” Mike said. “You’re an asshole! Where is my mom” James demanded an answer. “Don’t worry she’s fine. She’s not at fault here so i couldn’t let her be stuck in your ugly body. I decided to swap her with Cassie, since she cheated on me. Your mom is enjoying her new youth so much she agreed to be my girlfriend” Mike grinned. “Anyway you should be glad your mom is still looking so hot, i think i even did you a favor” Mike stood up and headed for the door. James tried to stop him but Mike suddenly turned. “Don’t try anything funny or else i will change you into the neighbor’s dog” Mike threatened. James got shivers at the thought, he knew Mike wasn’t joking. “I’m leaving. Have fun with your new body Mrs. Johnson” Mike said and slammed the door behind. James stood in horror. He started to regret his actions. The moment of pleasure with Cassie wasn’t worth it.


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