Air Guitar Competition 2

Awww dude, screw the air guitar competition. With these tits I’m gonna win EVERY wet tee shirt contest from now through the end of summer!

Hey Steve, I gotta idea. What was that chick’s name YOU been chasing after? Stacy, right? How about I swap you into her body and we spend the summer together ruling the beach and winning ALL contest money?

I don’t know Dave. I want to screw Stacy, not BE Stacy.

Steve, let me tell ya, these tits are awesome! Just give it a try. I’ll swap you back if you don’t like it. Whaddy say?

OK Dave. I’ll try it out. Looks like you’re having fun in Missy’s body – and I don’t know what I’m gonna do with boner you’re giving me. As much as I’d like to screw Missy’s body – I know it’s YOU in there man…


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