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From captured to lover

As the vapors cleared, my new body was revealed. I had breasts and a pussy to match. I wanted out, but not because I wanted to escape, but because my new body was eager to please a man. And my captor was sure looking hot. I pressed my breasts against the glass and laughed. He openned the door, releasing me, I quickly walked out and kissed him. Read more

Bathing time

My best friend has used a purple dildo to transform me into a woman. All it took was a touch, and I was transformed into a hot woman. He thought that my mind had been altered too. “So, how do you feel Kim?” he asked. I pretended to be unaware of the changes, “Never better love” I said. He took his pants off, “not yet. We should do something sexy, like take a scented bath or something” I said. Read more

Accidental FOSE, Cascades of Joy

Jamie was extremely disturbed at first when he discovered he had Swapped into his sisters body after the FOSE. It just had to happen right when his mind had started wondering during a less-than-satisfying masturbation session. However, he soon discovered the joys of the female anatomy when combined with a heavenly flow of warm water. He couldn’t believe the feeling that were being transmitted from his new clit. Each new pulse of water sent shivers and shockwaves throughout this unfamiliar body. “A little fun won’t hurt while they try and figure out how to reverse this…” He thought to himself, as yet another orgasm rocked his sisters aroused body, and he could help but move his fingers to stimulate the already hyper clit some more. Little did he know at this point that the FOSE would never be reversed, and his sister, who had been swapped into his masturbating body and whose belly was now covered in cum from the orgasm she had just finished for him, was not going to be as pleased. Especially when the link as to who swap with who was discovered. Needless to say, thing were going to be veeeery awkward for a while…

Finding out

Last week I broke up with my girlfriend. I found out she was cheating on me, and with one of my so called friends. I just didn’t know with whom exactly. Read more


“Why don’t you look happy Amy?” My sister asked me. I was still mad at her, she had spiced my bath. She knew how stressed I was with work, so she convinced me to take a special relaxing bath. She gave me some scented bath salts. “Just add them in and relax” she said “all your troubles will fade away”. Read more

A Truly Lovely Bath

Kimiko slowly moved Tim’s trembling hands towards her enormous breasts. She smiled lewdly as pleasure radiated from her nipples. The sensation was incredible, and it was hard to believe she lived for anything but this feeling. What she didn’t realize, however, was that one hour ago she didn’t exist. She used to be Kenneth, Tim’s best friend. Read more

More Contaminated Water

Bradly had just come home from a long day at work, his wife was working on dinner so he decided to take a nice relaxing hot bath. Once the bath was filled he stepped in and sank low into the water. He closed his eyes and let out a sigh as the aches of the day left his body. Read more

Same Usual Slut

Why do i feel myself so girly today? My wife has said she will take revenge on me because i’ve cheated, but nothing will change the real me, i will be the same usual slut!