Reality changes fast

Those events occurred quite quickly. I am not even sure this thing has stopped yet.
First, some sort of reality shift that made my girlfriend my flatmate’s girlfriend. I was no longer dating her, he was. He was telling me about how great she was in bed, and stuff like that, and it didn’t bother me!
Then, I became younger, and I considered my flatmate as my big brother. I could hear him in the room next door with “his” girlfriend. It killed me to know what reality really was but at the same time, I couldn’t act any different. I was his brother, and she was his girlfriend.
Afterwards, I became a girl, while they grew older. I now considered them as my parents. It couldn’t get any worse. I had to call my girlfriend “mommy”…
That’s when I shifted ages with him. For a few seconds, a 10 year-old was my dad, and dating my “mother”, aged 32, while I was a fully grown woman of 37.
Then, she became male, and here’s where we are now. She is now my husband, while my flatmate is now my son.
I can’t get enough of that cock inside me. I hope this situation will last longer that the previous ones…


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