Teenage girl

This was my last day as a student. Soon I’d be a working man. I was about to move in with my girlfriend as well. My life couldn’t get better. But it was about to go worse.

This random high school girl came to me in the bus and asked me what I was doing in my life. I told her I was about to graduate, and other small details, but when I was about to ask her why, I felt light headed and was soon after looking at myself!

How did she do it? I have no idea. I hated her at first, started yelling, and soon realised I was just a little teenage girl making a scene. “He” just looked at me like “I don’t know her”, and walked away. This is like, totally unfair! I started collecting thoughts in my mind and started to panic. All I could think about was tomorrow’s English test, my friends, Allison and Brittany, and that boy… my… boyfriend?
Oh no. I’ve lost all my education, all my memories. I could try and find my family, my girlfriend, but I couldn’t even remember their names!

A few weeks later, I learned to enjoy my new life. I was dumb as hell, at it was torturing me to know I didn’t use to be like that, but I started giving in. I was now Judith, a cute teenage girl who loved being fucked all day long by her boyfriend…


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