Reality bender

I’ve had the power to bend reality at will since I turned 16. I started simple, changing my grades, or having a girl like me. But a few years later I realized it was better to become smarter, and become more attractive, instead of changing other people. So I continued changing things about myself. I lived my whole life as a playboy. Sleeping with a different woman every single day. I lived in a luxirious appartment in NYC. And that was decades ago. I was now almost 82. And it took me this long to realize that I had wasted it my life. So I decided to alter reality once again.

I could hear my downstairs neighbor having sex with Kat, his hot 24 year old girlfriend. “Maybe I should startover, and this time form a family” I thought. I concentrated on him, I was ready to alter reality, to become him, and start over. While I was about to change, I couldn’t stop hearing all her moaning, so I guess my mind slipped for a second, and I thought of her. And in no time, reality had changed. I was lying in bed, holding my blouse, feeling my breasts bounce up and down. And worst of all, I could feel his thing thrust in and out of my pussy. I thoguht about fixing this, but it just felt so good. I moaned, I decided to go with it for a few hours. “I never knew it felt so good” I yelled. Which must have been weird for him to hear, but I just smiled and continued moaning.

After we both came, and in synch I may say. After cuddling for a while, and talking about stuff. I decided I should stay in Kat’s body. Later that day, I noticed a ring was lying in the nightstand. The night before he had proposed to me, I guess that explains why they were having so much sex. The whole thing made me wet. So I got over him “this time, I’m on top” I said, and started giving him a blowjob to get him ready for more sex.


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