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Quick wish

I thought it was the perfect wish. “I wish I could always be with Emily” I said, “ok master…” the genie answered. “No wait… and that she loved me more than anyone” I added. “Ok, wish granted master” the genie said. I didn’t know how the wish would happen, but I closed my eyes, hoping to see Emily next time that I openned them. But instead, I felt something on my back, I was lying down. I realized someone was grabbing my legs, “Must be Emily” I thought. But then I felt something give me a big push on my crotch. I felt something on my chest bounce. “Oh god!” I yelled. It was orgasmic. Read more

Reality bender

I’ve had the power to bend reality at will since I turned 16. I started simple, changing my grades, or having a girl like me. But a few years later I realized it was better to become smarter, and become more attractive, instead of changing other people. So I continued changing things about myself. I lived my whole life as a playboy. Sleeping with a different woman every single day. I lived in a luxirious appartment in NYC. And that was decades ago. I was now almost 82. And it took me this long to realize that I had wasted it my life. So I decided to alter reality once again. Read more