Reading from the book of spells

Every single time the same thing happens. I bet that’s why my aunt asked me never to read from her book of spells. Not too long ago, I used to be a man. A normal man. One day, I went to visit my aunt Martha. She wasn’t home, so I waited for her. I was quite bored, so against her warnings, I secretly read from her book of spells. I thought it was funny she believed in magic.

It had all kinds of spells: Wealth, possession, mind control, you name it. I didn’t actually read a full spell. I read bits and pieces of each. “John? where are you?” I heard my aunt say. “Shit, I didn’t even hear her get home” I whispered. “Here” I said, while closing the book and closing the drawer where she kept it. We talked for a while, about work, love life, the usual stuff. Thank god she was clueless I read from her book.

That night, I went to a club with some friends. There I met a really hot brunette. I am not usually the kind of guys who sleeps with a girl the very same day I meet her. But one thing led to another, and later that night we were at her place. She surprised me while wearing a black see through lingerie. We started kissing, and a few minutes later, as I was cumming inside of her, I felt like if someone hit me with a frying pan in the face. As a reaction, I closed my eyes.

As I openned my eyes, everything had changed. I was sitting over myself. I mean, I was the girl, and I was sitting over my former self. I had his thing inside of me. I could feel him cumming inside of me. It was scary as hell. He was acting as normal. But I felt violated, I pulled out. “what’s wrong?” he asked. “Nothing” I said. I didn’t know what to say, I fell to the floor and started crying. “Did it suck that much?” he asked. I couldn’t even answer. Part of me was crying because I wasn’t in my body anymore, but the thruth was I kind of enjoyed it, I was crying because I had conflicting feelings. He tried to hug me, but that just made me feel weirder. I felt my nipples get erect. I still wanted sex.

I tried to resist by thinking on something else. I remembered movies and tv shows, about bodyswapping. Which before today, had made me assume that when somebody bodyswapped they got to keep their own memories, but that’s far from the truth. I was in this girl’s body, I didn’t only have her body, but also her mind. How she felt, what she liked, what she remembered, it was all in her mind… my mind. I didn’t feel like a man anymore, I felt like I was her. I knew I wasn’t, but at the same time I knew I was Kim. This guy I had just met was really cute, I didn’t want him to feel bad. And he was certainly thinking he had been bad in bed or something. So I got on my knees and started giving him a blowjob. I know he enjoyed it, my tongue went crazy on his cock exactly how I would have hoped a woman would lick me if I were a man.

The next day, after John left, I started thinking about him. I couldn’t believe last night was supposed to be just a night one stand. I called him “just to talk”, he made me laugh several times, and he finally asked me out. Later that same night, we had sex again. And just as he was cumming inside of me. I felt a punch in my face again. Immidiately after, I was back in John’s body, with my memories intact, looking at Kim while she enjoyed sex. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to be a woman, but I was glad to be back. While I was her I had almost forgotten I used to be a man.

The next day I called Kim, and we went out for dinner. Thank god she had no idea I had been her for a whole day. Later that night she was dressed again in her black babydoll, and she looked as hot as ever. We started kissing. I was wondering if this time the bodyswap would happen again. I was glad to know it did happen. Again, as I came inside of her, we swapped bodies. This time, I didn’t feel the punch in the face, I just smoothly transition into her.

I’ve been dating Kim for more than a year. And every single time we have sex, this happens. I have gotten used to it. I bet I could go to my aunt and ask her to fix it. But I don’t want to. I really enjoy my time as both Kim and as John.


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