Pounded Transformed Realization

Henry realized he was changed into a skinny chick being fucked by her best friend Jed who only thought of her as Jill now, a piece of meat for a one night stand! No one remembered Henry but him and his ex-girlfriend who changed him with her magic book. As his former best bud continued to pound his new pussy, he cupped his mouth realizing he was starting to enjoy it, the feeling of a big strong man’s cock inside his pussy with his big strong hands grasping his delicate soft sides!

The his ex entered the room to glance at her dirty work, “You liked spending more time with your best bud than me, and have disrespected women, myself included. Well now you can be with him even more and in more ways than before, as his little bitch! Have a nice life Jill, now you can be on the receiving end of all that male bullshit. I hope he doesn’t mistreat you like you did me, you arrogant little bitch. I hope you get pregnant too you little whore. Goodbye, slut, toodles!”

When she left, Henry now Jill exploded in orgasm as her new boyfriend exploded inside her impregnating her with triplets! Jill would have to learn to be a loving mom of three and a wife to her bud, if she ever wanted them to have a father in their lives! He said he wouldn’t be their dad unless she married him! So later it was Jed and Jill Lakeview, and Jill would have to learn the importance of how females should be treated now, she had three triplet daughters, and was a woman herself of course. Then again her hubby was dominate, and made her very submissive, and constantly told her she was inferior to him and all men! She got what she deserved, however for the way she had treat other women, including her ex in the past!


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