rabbit’s foot keychain – taught a lesson pt 2 (rev

A horn blasted. I tried to look behind me, but I still couldn’t move.

“Hey Ryan, what the fuck man? Flirt with that bitch on yer own time! Move your car!” I heard Dylan yell. He was a short, scrawny punk stoner dude I bought weed from sometimes, and even though he was loud and annoying, people put up with him because he always had whatever drugs or booze anyone needed. He wore his hair in a short mohawk, and loved to talk smack to people, knowing they’d put up with it to buy weed from him.

“Yeah come on! Yer wasting our whole lunch, ya fucking fag!” Came a lower voice, I knew as Truck, Dylan’s constant partner, a six foot five, 350 pound long haired rocker guy, who dealt drugs with Dylan and also served as his bodyguard. He was actually even more annoying than Dylan.

“They shouldn’t call people names like that. Maybe they’ll think twice about using words like “bitch” and “fag” after this lesson… I wish that Dylan would back up and park his truck in the lot, and then Truck would unzip his pants and sit perfectly still while Dylan gives him the best blow job he’s ever had. They both won’t be able to stop until Dylan has swallowed every drop.”

I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Dylan backing his big truck up with a confused look on his face.

“Oh, you should watch!” Wendy said “You can move your head again”

Suddenly I could turn my neck, and I stared in amazement as, right in the first spot in the parking lot, 10 feet from us, Dylan begin to yell and his voice get angry.

“What the fuck dude??” He said “Truck, what the hell are you doing ya fucking queer? Gross dude!” He yelled, windows down so I could clearly hear him. “

“Why the fuck are you getting yer dick out ya faggy…”

Wendy smiled… “Oh, and I wish Dylan wouldn’t ruin their big moment by yelling and crying… in fact, from now on whenever Truck has a boner, Dylan should say only sexy things and make sexy noises. The exact kind he’d like to hear if he was getting a blow job from a girl. In fact, he even has a new voice, one that should sound exactly like a sexy girl, so Truck can really get into their new relationship…”

That’s when it all hit me. Eryn jumping in the lake nude. Me being unable to move… Dylan and Truck…

“I dunno man!” Truck yelled, staring down at his lap. “I can’t control my damn hands! Or my legs…”

“Get the fuck out of my car you fat faggg…. ” suddenly Dylan’s voice trailed off to silence and he gripped his throat coughing. It had cracked, like a boy going through puberty.

“What the hell, Truck…” Dylan said, eyes wide with confusion. “My voice… I sound.. like a chick!” He screamed, his voice now many octaves higher, breathy and high pitched like a bimbo phone sex operator.

“What’s wrong with my sexy voice? What the fuck… and why am I grabbing your big, huge, hard cock… I don’t want to show you how good I can jerk you off and make you shoot your hot cum all over my sexy, slutty little hands I!” Dylan yelled out in his sexy new female voice, eyes wide with horror as his leaned over and unbuckled Truck’s pants, reaching inside and unable to stop from pulling out his friends dick. He wanted to puke, but instead he made a sexy moaning sound and began to stroke Truck as his cock swelled and swelled..

“While Dylan gives his buddy a world class handjob, Truck will only be able to sit back and enjoy it, as they both realize that Dylan is now a female from the neck down, a very short, petite and skinny female, and even though Dylan is still 18 years old, she will now have a hard time passing for it, since she is only 4 foot 8, and barely weights 100lbs… well, that is, at least until she shows off that curvy little butt and super small waist, covered in slutty tattoos and piercings. Plus, once she shows off those high, firm, b cup tits, amazingly firm and round, so perfect any super model would be jealous, people will realize she’s probably not as young as her height would make you think. That little body is always on display too, in the skimpiest, most revealing, torn up, slutty punk rock clothes she can squeeze into, always purple and black and pink, to match her make up and fingernails and all those slutty tattoos… in fact, you can see those big thick hoops with the little bells that pierce each of her constantly erect, round, puffy nipples are even made of pink, purple and black plastic and metal… the same shade as the stripes in her mohawk!”

Dylan’s body now matched everything Wendy had said. A petite, slutty female body, dressed in ripped fishnets, a tiny plaid mini skirt and a torn up t-shirt that read said “Porn Star In Training” on it, but the words were hard to read since it was cut up and ripped to show off her stomach, her jiggly, high tits, and her tiny, soft sexy arms. Dyland’s tattoos had rearranged, now matching the color of her clohtes, make up and fingernails, and even her mohawk. Her face was still that of the male Dylan, looking ugly and bizarre on top the tiny, sexy female body, but makeup and earings had appeared now, giving her a little less of a butter face.

“Help Tank! I’m… I’m fucking turning into a chick! I can’t control my hands… or.. my body! Someone’s gotta help me!” Dylan cried out, trying to use her right hand to grab her left hand and stop it from stroking the swollen, thick head of Tank’s cock.

Well, that’s what she wanted to say and do… instead her cry was garbled as her right hand opened in front of her face, and she spit several times into her palm.

“Yummm Tank!” She found her high pitched, ultra feminine voice cry out, as her right hand, now covered with saliva, joined in, and began working Tank’s throbbing shaft while her left hand massaged the head of his cock. Dylan’s eyes went wide, and she realized she could see thick, black fake eyelashes taking up half her vision, as her mouth and words betrayed her again, Dylan’s pleas for help instead sounding like a phone sex operator..

“I’m… mmm.. I’m a fucking turned on chick! I can’t stop stroking your big hard dick! I can’t control how fucking turned on my body is! You’ve gotta help me, you big, sexy man!” She said, sliding down and pulling Tank’s pants open even more and massaging his big, hairy balls and looking up at him. Tank looked down, at Dylan’s male face, on top a sexy female body, wearing slutty clothes, make up and piercings… just as Wendy made a wish to heat the new lovers action up…

Tank found his hands moving, one up Dylan’s soft, exposed leg and hip, running along the purple and pink flowers and birds that now covered Dylan’s legs where tattoos of skulls and naked women had minutes earlier. Tank tried to fight, but his other big, strong hand slid up his friends back and gripped her neck.

“Tank! I!“ Dylan cried out realizing suddenly that this nightmare could get worse yet. Of course, her girlish voice took Dylan’s attempts to scream for Tank to stop and translated them into a high, sexy moan as Tank pushed Dylan’s head into his lap. Dylan couldn’t resist, Tank was easily four times his size and strength, making her feel totally helpless, and… horny….

“Tank! I don’t want to wrap my warm, sexy lips around your juicy, rock hard cock and…” Dylan’s high, little girl voice was cut off as she choked once, and Tank’s hand pushed her head down, her lips wrapped around his cock. Slowly, he pushed, and she took more and more of him into her wet, drooling mouth. Wendy had made sure Dylan could give an amazing blow job, and, as much as his male brain hated and despised and was humiliated, her female body began to hum, Dylan realizing that she was turned on, a wetness spreading between her legs, a cry catchingi in her throat, now unable to ignore that between her legs was no longer her manhood… but instead, had been replaced with a soft, tiny slit… that was growing wet and throbbing with need as Tank’s fingers found it. Dylan squeeled onto Tank’s cock as she slid her lips up it, her tongue circling around it like a pro as Dylan’s hips bucked with pleasure as Tank brushed her soft, pink clit.

Yeah, Dylan might be a little bit of a butter face, but she doesn’t have any facial hair at least, and even though she has a serious case of manface, at least her lips are big and sexy and puffy, and she always wears tons of make up. Plus, her body is so girlish and sexy it’ll make up for it… hell, since those tits are so high and perfect, she never wears a bra, and, in fact, Dylan doesn’t really strike me as someone who worries about wearing anything but the skimpiest, sluttiest panties, when she wears any at all, over that incredibly tight, hairless, ultra sensitive, virgin pussy that gets wet and swollen with the tiniest stimulation.!”

“Dylan… oh fuck… stop! Don’t… oh shit! I’m sorry… I can’t control myself…” Tank gasped between moans, Dylan’s head bobbing up and down, taking all 9 inches into her throat, trying ti ignore the lust gripping her, the way her lips, now puffy and swollen as she felt them inflate and wrap around Tank’s dick like pillows, tingled as the slid up and down. The way Tank’s finger stroking her clit and pussy was making her screech onto his dick with desire.

She finally had to breathe, and looked up from Tank’s lap, his huge cock soaked with Dylan’s spit, making a wet popping sound as she released him from her huge, pink, wet “O” shaped lips. Tank had watched as Dylan’s body transformed, shrinking and changing before his eyes, while Dylan’s now tiny hands, with their long purple and pink fingernails, had wrapped around his big, hard cock and began stroking it up and down, until there was a sexy, pettite, teenage girl in his lap, dressed in slutty punk clothes… but with Dylan’s face, covered in make up and with huge, swolled dick sucking lips… and she was sucking his dick, and it was the best blow job he’d ever had… and getting even more turned on as he reached up Dylan’s sexy new female legs, between her tiny skirt, found that she wore no panties… and began fingering her tiny, wet pussy.

Her tiny hands wrapped around Tank’s cock, which was now at it’s full 9 inches, Dylan looked up to try and plead for Tank’s help, anything to stop this! Tank tried to speak but Dylan began pumping his dick with quick, firm squeezes while sliding her hands up and down it even faster

“Oh god Tank. I can’t believe your fingerbanging my slutty, tight, virgin pussy… “ She cried, bucking her hips and then licking precum from his dick as they both approached an orgasm.

“From now on Dylan’s body will have to service Truck whenever he gets turned on, doing whatever it takes to make Truck cum.” Wendy smiled at me, and then twirled the keychain around her finger, catching it on a long black finger nail.

“Dylan and Truck are now boyfriend and girlfriend, and their bodies will act like it even if they don’t want to. Everyone will remember Dylan always being a slutty punk rock chick, except Tank and Dylan, but they will have to act like a couple no matter what. In fact, they will be together at all times, never going more than a few minutes time apart from each other, since Dylan will need to service Truck’s needs at least three or four times each day.”

“Dude… please… oh my god… stop! I’m gonna cum!” Truck cried out, but his voice was half moaning.

Dylan was able to pull her lips away, her mind frantically wanting to avoid what was about to happen.

“My pussy is all wet… oh and I’m gonna… cum! It must be from sucking that big hard cock of yours!” Dylan cried out, total shock on her face, before licking his lips and diving back down into her new boyfriends lap.

Wendy smiled wickedly, then raised her hand to her purple lips and whispered to the rabbit foot in her hand. The truck they both sat in suddenly disappeared, and they both found themselves back at Tank’s Dad’s house, laying in his bed… just as Tank ripped off Dylan’s tiny skirt, rubbing her clit as his cock convulsed, and they both began to orgasm.

Daisy, who could not remember her male name, would never wear men’s clothes again, no matter how hard she tried or wanted to. Her body would always dress like a slutty, punk porn star, and drop everything, her drug dealing, hanging with friends, anything, whenever her boyfriend was horny, and she would do anything he wanted no matter how kinky until she had a load of his cum inside of her.

Wendy grinned. Now it was time for the main event!

“Now for you Ryan. I wish we were in your bedroom at your house.”


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