Beach possession

It was a beutiful day at the beach. Warm, but not too warm, the water was slightly cold but refreshing to take a dip in.
Sonja walked along the beach on her way to her usual spot further down the beach. She knew she was sexy and she wasn´t afraid to show it.
Suddenly she notice a poor little jellyfish that had been washed up from the sea; “Aw, hello there little friend”, she says and pick it up. “You will be back in the water in no time!”.

Suddenly the jellyfish seem to stir.
Out of nowhere it takes a great leap towards Sonja´s mouth, hits, and slither further inside her body.
Her gag reflection goes into high gear but nothing comes out.
Soon she feels how tendrils move around in her body, searching their way to envelop her whole body. She tries to scream but nothing comes out.
The legs begin to walk without her controlling them. Her hands follows the curvature of her body, moving from the thighs, up the hips, sliding past the waist and stopped at the breasts. There they began to adamantly fondle both of the breasts.

A splitting headache came from nowhere and everything went black.

Larry looked around. Good, no one had seem when the girl was possessed. There were more people around now than the last time had possessed someone.
Feeling satisfied Larry continued her walk along the beach. Her “boyfriend” was waiting for her at the finish line.


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