Two in the hand

So the three guys were hanging out. They where bored and drinking far too much. One of the guys said “wouldn’t it be great to get a blowjob from a sexy chick”. The others agreed but they didn’t know how that could happen since they didn’t know any loose women. Ivan said they should make a bet and the loser becomes the woman and pleasures the others. The other two guys laughed and said why not. Little did they know that Ivan had met and woman who gave him a coin that was magic and granted a wish. Ivan said “I wish whoever loses the bet becomes a woman and gives the other two a blowjob”. Once again his drunk friends laughed and said sure what’s the bet? The bet was who had the biggest cock. Now the guys where thinking they would have to whip em out and get hard to decide this but suddenly Jamie started to feel weird. He was moaning and and grabbing his stomach and right before the other two guys he turned into a woman. A young, very hot woman. They started touching her and kissing her and undressing her. Their former male friend Jamie responded perfectly and was happy to please her two men. Once she was naked and they were down to there shorts she dropped to her knees and started stroking their cocks. Everything was fuzzy a amount ago but now Jamie thought to herself “which one do I suck first?”


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