Queen of Spades

Sometimes when someone comes into the store, it is just so obvious what to do.

Just this last weekend, a group of 5 came into the store. 4 beautiful college age brunettes, and their awkward chubby blonde male friend.

I approached them and asked “What can I help you with today”

One of the girls decided to speak for the group,”Hi, I’m Stephanie, and… well us girls are in the market for a group costume for a sorority party. Our friend Luke here just wanted to tag along. He’s Lisa’s brother” she said pointing at one of the other brunettes.

“Anything specific you are looking for?”

Stephanie replied again “Well we do really love playing cards, so we had joked about some sort of costume related to that.”

“I have the perfect thing for you, give me one second to grab the set from the back.”

I returned with 5 packages of a costume set. I handed Stephanie the Ace of Spades, Lisa the King, Jane the Jack, and Marie the 10 of Spades. Then I turned to Luke and handed him the Queen of Spades costume.

“I think you made a mistake lady, I don’t need a costume” he told me gruffly. “especially not the Queen of Spades.”

I cast a spell of trust. “Trust me Luke, just try it on!” And off he went to the changing room. I had the ladies all wait with me.

A few minutes later, a gorgeous (and leggy) blonde emerged from the changing room. She seemed quite nervous.

“Luke?” Lisa asked.

“OH MY GOSH YOUR GORGEOUS LUKE! DO A SPIN!” said Stephanie with glee.

And Luke spun around to oohs and ahhs from the girls. Then Stephanie walked up and slapped him on the butt. “Well Luke, you have always been hanging out with us, so now it makes sense that you are one of us. How do you feel?”

“It feels so right and natural, and like my entire life has been this. I remember Lisa persuading me to pledge the sorority, and becoming best friends with you all. I remember being…Lucy.”

I stepped in to explain. “Lucy has had some powerful magic come over her with that costume. Only you 5 here will remember her life as Luke. When you came in, I knew that you were missing a dynamic in your friend group, so I had to fix it!”

Stephanie came up and hugged me. ” I love it! Thanks Bella.”

“So, do you want the costumes?” I asked.

“Yes, just put it all on my card” Stephanie answered.

They left gossiping and chatting like only Sorority Sisters can.

And yesterday, I logged onto social media to see this beautiful picture of them as Lucy’s profile picture. I think she has an exciting new life ahead of her!


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