Public Service

“Anything to avoid going to the jail, yes, that I agreed to do. But I didn’t expect this! I may have stolen some cash, but how do I deserve this?” I screamed.

“You agreed to it.” The man said. “There’s no going back.” The man was already lifting me up by my new thin feminine thighs. We were both already naked and he was ready to go. Turn me into the public sex service girl.

In a monotonous voice, the man explained what was going to happen. “Look, let me do my job, okay? What’s going to happen is I am going to stimulate your vagina for your new-found femininity. When you’re stimulated, you’ll be registered to become a sex service girl, which was created to defeat the low birth rate…”

But his voice was already unrecognizable as his thick manly penis entered my new wet vagina. My brain was whiting out–being replaced with a mentality of sex slave.

“1…2…3…4… there you go. Your first pregnancy. Congratulations. For your time, you’ll have to bear 2 children. This is your first, how do you feel?” asked the man.

How do I feel? I felt grateful. I wanted to bear his children. 2? That number would have to be increased. I was a proud public service woman.


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