Proud Parent

To say my son was unruly would have easily been an understatement. He was rebellious to the core of his being, and after years of trying to discipline him, I was at my wits end. That is until I found Miss Haverdan’s school for wayward boys. They were very upfront about everything that enrollment into the school entailed, but I was convinced that anything less extreme would have no effect. I saw a great improvement after only the first year of enrollment. For the first time in his life, my son was finally applying himself towards something positive.
The end of his third year is coming up, and I will be visiting him for parent’s day. He told me that this year he had a special surprise for me and hoped I liked it. I was so filled with anticipation by the time I arrived I asked him to show me the surprise as soon as I saw him. He smiled and lifted up his skirt. I was a bit taken aback by the action, but upon a quick glance I understood why. There was no bulge between his legs. My son had received the best grades in his class and as such was rewarded with a cosmetic surgery of his choice. He had decided to fully accept femininity and opted to have bottom surgery to give him a vagina. He told me he actually forged my signature because he was afraid that I wouldn’t approve of the surgery. I was a little angry about the forgery, but looking at his smile let me know that he was as happy as can be. That and knowing that he was taking his life in a positive direction, made me feel nothing but happiness for my son and pride in the woman he’s become.


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