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Just Scared and Confused (Just Jealous part 3)

Summer vacation passed by in a blur of sex, sex, and more sex with Adam, and day after day he started to act more and more like he was my girlfriend. It had finally gotten to the point where I stopped questioning things and went with it. I mean after all I was having sex with this beautiful creature who shared pretty much all the same interests as me, and when I did try to question it, I would just get the same answer again and again. “It’s just what best buds do.” It was becoming something of a mantra that I lived by. Adam and I spent every day together. He claimed that he wanted to take a break from chasing girls and focus on his friendships, me of course being the primary focus.
However all things must come to an end, and summer vacation was no exception. I actually liked going back to school, the chance to see friends who went out of town, getting new books and seeing who was in all your classes. I didn’t get people who loathed the first day of school.
As fate would have it, Adam had all the same classes as me, much to his glee, and I had to say I was pretty glad, knowing I would have at least one good friend in all my classes. The whole day we walked from class to class together, Adam wrapped around my arm like I’d seen so many girls do with their boyfriends. I already knew everyone would see this as completely normal as I once again chanted the mantra, “It’s just what best buds do”.
As the day went on however, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off, like there was something in plain sight that I was failing to see, and it wasn’t until gym class that it hit me in the face like a brick wall. As I opened the doors to the boys’ locker room, I stopped dead in my tracks. There were a number of girls in the locker room. At least they had the bodies of girls. As I looked at them more closely, I realized I recognized them as my classmates. My male classmates or at least formerly male, and there they were, stripping down in the boys’ locker room among actual guys like it was the most normal thing in the world.
This posed questions that my mantra no longer covered. This had to be Ms Goodwin’s handiwork, but why? My thoughts were pushed aside by Adam tugging on my arm, no doubt wondering why we’d stopped. I figured the only thing I could do was to go along with it. Adam went ahead into the locker room to find an open locker to claim. He called me over wanting me to take the one next to him.
Adam’s locker was to my left, and to my right was the locker of a person I recognized as Nate Birschart, and I was really surprised to see that he was one of the transformed guys. Looking at the goddess sitting on the bench taking off his bra, Nate’s female form was the antithesis of what he was as a guy. I mean here sat a leggy, very well stacked porcelain doll with a gorgeous fiery red mane of hair, where before he had the body of the quintessential nerd. His tall, lanky body, pasty white skin, and frizzy jewfro, along with his shy personality put him on the receiving end of a lot of bullying. I always felt bad for the guy and hated it when I’d see people bully him. In fact, near the end of our sophomore year in this very locker room I stopped two goons who were picking on him by playing “keep away” with Nate’s b….bra!
Holy shit! That meant he had been like this for well over a year, and I never noticed! I remember snatching the bra out of the air and chasing the goons off, then handing the bra back to him like it was completely normal.
I started thinking back on my past interactions with all the other transformed guys and realized it was the same for them too. I had interacted with all of them like they were normal guys when they had these female bodies. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly when they changed, but they were definitely all different from each other. So I was just as oblivious as the rest of the world to their changes, but why could I see them now? Just more and more questions.
I made it through PE, although it was very distracting as all the transformed guys wore skimpy workout clothes instead of the standard issue t shirt and shorts that even the girls’ PE class wore. Showering was another story though. Seeing all those feminine bodies glistening under the running water was starting to turn me on. The next thing I knew, Adam was on his knees sucking me off right in the middle of the shower room. As per usual, no one batted an eyelash, and I felt an odd sense of comfort saying my mantra underneath my breath.
As I exited the locker room, with Adam once again wrapped around my arm, I heard a girl’s voice call out my name. Looking around, I found the source to Delilah. I was instantly on edge, knowing full well what her mother was capable of.
“Hey so my mom would like you to come over tonight.” She said cheerfully.
I on the other hand was anything but cheerful, “What? Why? I haven’t done anything to piss her off have I?” I asked, scared that I might be next.
Delilah laughed, flashing a gorgeous smile, “No, silly, it’s nothing like that. It’s something good I promise. She just wants to make a deal with you, and for what it’s worth…I really hope you say ‘yes’. Oh and Adam, you come too.”
And with that, Delilah walked off, leaving me to wonder just what the hell kind of deal Ms Goodwin wanted to strike with me. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful other than Adam giving me hand job underneath the desk during study hall. When the final bell rang, I exited the school, nervous about meeting Ms Goodwin as well as bewildered by the situation I found myself in, but looking over at Adam, I knew I at least had something to take my mind off things until then.

Not that bad after all

I know the saying “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”, but even for free a piece of junk is a piece of junk, and this truck definitely fit the bill. That’s not to say I wasn’t thankful to my uncle for setting me up with my first set of wheels, but it sucked that I had to go all the way out to his farmhouse to get it. My dad decided to drive me out to my uncle’s place to spend some time with him. During the ride out into the country, I was reminded how much I hated it. Nothing but rolling hills and cows for miles on end, the only thing breaking the monotony, a foreboding government facility off in the distance, high barbed wire fences with signs warding off trespassers with the threat of lethal force.
Once we arrived at the farmhouse, my uncle greeted us and tossed me the keys. He showed me the truck, making sure to show me the “trick” to get the it to start. I managed to start it on my own and noticed with annoyance how loud it was and how the engine seemed to shake the entire cab.
“Jesus, this thing’s about to fall apart” I thought to myself with disgust
My uncle invited us to stay for dinner, which my dad accepted. I decided to decline, wanting to get back to civilization as soon as possible. I thanked my uncle for the truck again and headed for home.
I was driving down the dirt road, passing by the government facility. I remembered the horror stories my older cousins would tell me when I was younger about the experiments the government performed there. I was lost in my memories and wasn’t paying attention to the road until I felt the truck tilt. I tried to correct myself, but found myself partway into the drainage ditch running along the side of the road before I could. I got out and saw the right side of the truck stuck in the ditch. Luckily the ground was soft due to the moisture from the water in the ditch, and I began the hard task digging a trench to get the truck out. By the time I was done my clothes were soaked. Happy with my trench I started to climb my way out of the ditch but slipped, sliding into the water in the trench below. In my panic, I swallowed some water. The unusually sweet taste overwhelmed me, and I soon found myself passing out.
I awoke some time later, pulling myself out of the ditch. It was only when I reached the road and stood up that I noticed something was wrong. Looking down, I noticed my clothes seemed huge on me. I also noticed the trucked seemed a lot bigger than in did before. Taking off my heavy jacket, I was confronted by two mounds pushing out through my sweater. My hand immediately reached down between my legs, confirming what I feared when I found my dick was no longer there. I stripped off my pants, as if by some miracle it’d be there. Instead, I saw void where my member used to be, my fingers confirming my suspicions as they probed between my legs. I now had a pussy.
Half in a daze I got back in my truck. Not knowing what else to do, I decided I would head back to my uncle’s farmhouse. However when I started the truck, a shock went through my new body. The vibrations sent through the cab, stimulating my bare nether regions against the seat. Closing my eyes, I leaned back in my seat, pulling my sweater up over my breasts, exposing my nipples to the cool country air. I felt sensations I never knew possible, and despite my situation, I wasn’t quite ready to stop. I had no idea what happened to me or what I was going to do, but at that moment all I could think was that maybe his truck wasn’t that bad after all

Piano lessons

I’ll admit I wasn’t a perfect son, but then again who is? The demands and expectations my mom always had for me were just impossible to achieve. This led me to growing up resenting her a bit and yes, every now and again acting out, but none of what I did warranted this kind of punishment. As the years went by through my childhood I began to hear my mom mutter more and more about how she wish she had a daughter, that a daughter would never put her through the crap I did. I ignored it for the most part, but it still hurt knowing that your parent regretted having you.
Then it happened. One day I woke up to find my room completely different along with an entirely different and very female body. I was starting to freak out when my mom calmly entered the room. It took her a minute to get me to calm down, but when she did she explained how she found a spell that would give her the daughter she always wanted. I was now completely female and as far as the rest of the world was concerned I had always been female.
My mom, reveling in her victory, signed me up for piano lessons and ballet. I complied at first, now quite knowing what to do after having my whole world turned upside down, but slowly I starting looking for ways to spite her. I decided to keep going to ballet as I found, to my relief, that I still had a healthy attraction to females, and my ballet class was full of young, fit girls. It was during my piano class where I found my first way to rebel against my mom. I’m not sure where the thought to seduce my instructor came from, but once I had it, I decided to just run with it. I started by wearing sexier and sexier outfits to my lessons. My mom tried to protest, but I explained that that was how all the girls were dressing these days. I knew my mother would never allow a naturally born daughter to dress the way I was, but I knew she was taking it as a sign that I was accepting my life as her daughter and let it slide.
It really didn’t take much effort to seduce Mr. Trudeau. Even before I started my plan to seduce him, he’d have that look I was all too familiar with. It was the same hungry look I had when I saw a hot piece of ass walking by. Once I started wearing skimpy dresses along with some sexy stockings, it was game over. It only took me two lessons with me flirting with him and showing off my perky tits before he had me bent over, ready to take his cock. Now I may have preferred the company of females, but there’s something to be said about getting pounded by a big, meaty cock.
After that first encounter, I found myself getting excited, even giddy, about going to my next piano lesson. We got so good at our routine that he’d already be in me when I had said goodbye to my mom not even a minute before. I couldn’t help but laugh a little as I realized that my mom has been paying over $400 a month for my piano lessons for over a year now, and I still don’t even know how to play a damn scale.

Prayer answered

Some of my peers would characterize me as mischievous. Some would even go so far as to call me a miscreant. I am a god. A minor god, mind you, but a god nonetheless. I like to think I am a good god, using my powers to better the lives of my charges. What most mortals don’t realize is that their prayers do get heard. They just rarely go to the big guy upstairs. Instead they come to minor gods, or guardian angels as some mortals call us, like me. Now most of us usually make subtle changes in our lives of our charges, requiring the mortal who prayed to them to identify and take the opportunity to better their lives themselves. I on the other hand usually like to take a more overt approach. Mortals can be rather dense after all. This has lead to me getting reprimanded by the big guy a couple times, but never anything too serious. My track record for improving the lives of those who’s prayer I get speaks for itself. So long as I don’t do anything that brings an end to the world, I’m pretty much free to proceed as I see fit. Read more

Slips or Slits

Ever since I was a kid, I was something of a thrill seeker. I was only twelve years old when I found the joy of driving cars and only three months after to get into my first car accident, but that didn’t do anything to quell my newfound love of racing, a love that stuck with me into adulthood. Working at a grocery store, I found that street racing was an excellent way to supplement my income. I quickly gain a reputation as someone with guts, willing to go all the way for a win. It was that reputation that earned me an invite to an exclusive racing club. It had no official name, but they raced for what they called “slips or slits”.
The majority of these races were for pink slips, meaning the winner would get the loser’s car, a risky but potentially lucrative prospect. Every week, there would be at least one “pink slits” race. These were the main events as the prize for winning and the punishment for losing was far more dire. Instead of the car, the drivers’ masculinity was on the line. The winner would absorb all of the masculine essence from the loser, enhancing his male features in every way, including his sexual prowess. The loser’s body would then be flooded with feminine essence, transforming them into women in every way save for their mind. They and the other members of the club would remember who the loser was before the race, but in the eyes of the rest of the world, the loser was born a female, reality shifting to accommodate their new identity.
The loser could still race for slips or petition for a redemption race. In this race, the transformed racer can regain their male form by absorbing the masculine essence of their opponent along with any enhancements their opponent may have gotten. However, should they lose, their mind would be altered to become the winner’s perfect slave. They would no longer be members of the club but still accompany their masters to club events, their only purpose in life to look pretty and please their man. Read more

Worth the cost

Living across the hall from a beautiful girl, it was only natural that I developed a bit of a crush on her. Well, as the months went by, my turned into a bit of an obsession. I would often find myself fantasizing about her being my wife, having to catch myself from staring at her too long. You could imagine then my disappointment when I heard from one of the other tenants that she was a lesbian. The imaginary world I had created fall apart and I was crushed. I was walking down the street feeling depressed, when a man passing by stopped and asked me why I looked so down. I don’t know why, but I started to open up to him. After I finished telling him my story, he smiled and said that he may have a solution. His grin was that like a sleazy car salesman, even his ratty suit seemed to fulfill the stereotype. All this made me want to not trust him, but what he said next was unbelievable. He claimed to be a wizard and had a solution to my problem, at a cost. He said he could transform me into my crush’s ideal lover, and all it would cost me was my male essence, which he claimed was a bargain since my crush was a lesbian anyways. I laughed at his nonsense, but decided to humor him. I asked him why he couldn’t just make my crush fall in love with me, but he waved me off quickly claiming that would be an unethical use of his powers. He looked at me slightly annoyed and asked if I would accept his offer or not. I laughed again and accepted. I knew there was no way it would work, but it wasn’t like it was costing me anything to accept.
The magical salesman raised his hands, and the next thing I knew, I was waking up on the ground. As I came to, the salesman helped to my feet. As I stood, I found I was wearing heels. I looked down to inspect them when I was confronted with the very female body I now possessed. The salesman interrupted me from my self-inspection as he handed me a purse. I noted that it matched the dress I was now wearing. Then the salesman politely thanked me for my business and promptly went on his way.
In my purse, I found an ID with what I assumed was my new name, and I noted my address was the same. The girl in the picture was stunning to say the least. Not knowing what else to do, I made my way home. I found that I could walk in heels naturally and wearing a short dress didn’t feel awkward but made me feel sexy instead. When I got to my apartment, fate would have it that my crush was just getting home as well. I smiled as I greeted her and was amazed as she blushed furiously. the amazement continued when she practically professed her love in the hallway, admitting that she had a crush on me ever since she moved in across the hall, which made me start to realize just how much the salesman’s magic had changed reality. Before I knew it, I was in her apartment drinking a glass of wine. She then led me to her bedroom and asked me to make myself at home while she “slipped into something more comfortable”. Excited, I stripped off my dress. Seeing the sexy body I now had, the reality of the deal I made that afternoon. I sat down on the bed, the weight of my situation setting in. My crush came back into the room in some sexy underwear ready to start our nighttime activities. I knew deep inside that this was my life now. I got what I wanted, and I’d gladly reap the benefits of what I paid for. However, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was worth the cost.

Revenge is a dish best served sexily

I was so excited to have finally graduated highschool and get on with my life, away from horrible place of torment they called a school. Finally I would be free of Marcus and his goons, free of the teachers that turned a blind eye to the arbitrary beatings and ridicule I would receive. But before my summer could even start, I got sick, really sick. I was bedridden for days with my whole body cramping making me wish I would just die. I was losing weight at an insane rate, and it wasn’t until what were undeniably breasts started to form on my chest, did my parents and I realized that this was something very strange.
My parents took me to every specialist they could find. All the while, my breasts got bigger, and I started to notice my dick getting smaller. However, no one had any idea what was happening. We were at our wit’s end when some men in black suits came to our door. They explained that it was a kind of virus that changes a male into a female. They went into more detail but most of that went in one ear and out the other, as I just got the bomb dropped on me that I was actually going to change gender. I was snapped out of my trance when my dad started talking. He was a producer at a national news organization and had a talent for saying things without actually saying it. The men in suits were a little angered with what he said, but I knew that he just saved my ass. If not for his connections to the media and his ability to get a story out at a moment’s notice, I was sure I’d have a black bag thrown over my head, and I’d find myself in a lab never to be heard of again. They quickly explained to my parents what would happen to me through the rest of my transition and left under the condition that we keep quiet about my illness.
The rest of the change was just as bizarre albeit less painful as the first two weeks. The strangest part was the few days seeing my penis and scrotum turn into a vagina. It took almost six weeks for my body to not be noticeably changing every day. Taking a look in the mirror was a surreal experience. I looked nothing like my old self. What’s more is that I had no family resemblance to my parents. There was no way anyone would think that the smoking hot redhead staring back at me in the mirror would be the offspring of my parents.
Over the next few days, I found myself surprisingly calm about the radical changes my body underwent. My parents and I even took a day to go to the mall to buy me a new wardrobe. I found that I rather liked shopping for clothes and had a taste for the sexy side of fashion, somewhat to my mom’s disapproval, but I think she felt the whole ordeal was hard enough on me and made no comment.
I was having a blast until I saw Marcus and his goons in the food court. Marcus caught me looking at him and decided that was an invitation to come over and talk to me. I had just sat down with our smoothies while my parents used the restroom so I had no defenses. Marcus started to try and chat me up while his friends hooted and hollered from the table they were sitting at. After what seemed like an eternity, my dad came out of the bathroom and scared Marcus off, and we were able to get on with our day. Despite having been hit on by my mortal enemy, we had a great time going out as a family. Something we hadn’t done in far too long.
The next day however, my dad started to get sick. The same symptoms I had shown when I started my transformation. We were freaking out, trying to figure out how my dad got sick. We knew from the information from the government men that the virus would still be in my system for up to a year and that it could be contracted through contact with my blood, vaginal secretions, and saliva, but we had been very careful to make sure I handled my own dirty clothes and even washed my own dishes. My mind raced as I tried to figure out where we messed up. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was so rattled when Marcus came up to me that when he was finally scared off I ended up grabbing my Dad’s smoothie, who ordered the same thing as I did. He ended up grabbing mine, and we were none the wiser. I cried as I admitted my mistake to my parents and apologized profusely. I felt so guilty, but a part of me also blamed Marcus for once again bringing pain into my life. Despite his sickness, my dad acted quickly to move all of his assets into my mom’s name, and we came to the decision that we would have to move once his transformation was complete. His transformation was even more remarkable than mine was. It seemed that the virus had a set age that it transformed its victims to. So not only did I watch as my father change from male to female. I watched as he went from a man in his fifties to a girl in her late teens maybe early twenties.
During the whole transformation I felt guilty, but I still laid some of the blame on Marcus. It was killing me that all I could do was watch helplessly while my dad changed before my eyes. Then it dawned on me. I could finally get revenge for all the torment Marcus had put me through. I could get revenge for my father. I put together the sluttiest outfit from the clothes I bought and headed for Marcus’s house. I knew that was their hang out spot as I learned early on in my childhood to avoid that house at all costs.
Sure enough when I knocked on the front door. Danny, one of Marcus’s goons, answered. I asked to see Marcus and walked in trying to act as confident and sexy as I could. Marcus was stunned when he saw me and asked how I knew he lived here. I spun up some story about finding out from someone who knew him in the food court after he left. I told him about how sexy I found him, but I couldn’t show it while my “aunt and uncle” were with me. I told him I wanted him now and lifted up my skirt slowly to show I wasn’t wearing any panties. Marcus took my hand and started to lead me to his bedroom, telling his buddies to not wait up. I looked at them all feasting their eyes on my body, and I got another idea.
I stopped and looked in Marcus’s eyes when he turned around. I wagged my finger playfully and told him I didn’t want just him. I wanted all five of them, right now. I swear I could hear the jaws drop as before I knew it, we were all naked right there in that living room. I got on my knees and was quickly surrounded by five hard dicks. I gave them each a good lick just to make sure no one missed out on the real fun then prepared myself for what was to come next, and I had to admit, I was really excited.

Daddy’s girl

When I was younger, my life was very different. I was the son of a single mother who worked her ass off every day to take care of me, but no matter how hard she worked or how little I wanted, we just never seemed to able to get ahead. There was always another bill to pay, or the car breaking down, or some other thing that would deplete our savings. All that changed when I was 11. My mom finally found a guy who was not immediately turned off by the fact that she had a kid. I’m still not quite sure where he met him, but it was clear he was well off financially, and he brought such stability to my mother and me that I didn’t really care.
Right off the bat he seemed ready to be a dad and would spend all kinds of time with me. It wasn’t long before he asked me to start callling him “Dad”. Well, “Daddy” to be precise, but I didn’t quite get the difference at the time. My new dad was living with us for about a year when he and my mom sat me down in the living room for a “family meeting”. It was then I was told what my future would hold. First off I was only to call my new dad “Daddy”. “Dad” would no longer be acceptable and would be grounds for punishment. I was also told from that day on I would begin my journey to become “Daddy’s perfect little girl”. I was so confused. I wasn’t a girl. I was a boy. A boy who dreamed of being a fireman or playing in the NFL. I tried to object, but my mom cut me off, telling me to “do as your Daddy says.” She wouldn’t even look at me when she said it. I tried to object again, but this time Daddy quickly grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me over his lap and started giving me my first spanking. I can still remember the sting of that spanking.
After that meeting, my world changed. My room and my wardrobe seemed to change overnight. My t-shirts became babydolls, shorts became skirts, and my briefs became panties. My daily life changed too. Every day I had to learn how to be better at being “Daddy’s little girl”. I was expected to look pretty 24/7, which meant learning how to pick out outfits and doing make up. I was also expected to wash Daddy’s dirty clothes, fetch him drinks, and make him food whenever he wanted. All this was topped off with a hefty regimen of “vitamins” that would help me become the best girly I could be. At first I wanted none of this, but the memory of that first spanking always prevented me from breaking Daddy’s rules intentionally. Of course, I would slip up from time to time, but the punishments I received made me make sure I was very careful to be Daddy’s perfect girl at all times.
As the years went by and my body started to develop, my list of tasks and responsibilities grew and took on things of a sexual nature. At first it started with things like fetching him a towel when he would get out of the shower. Before I knew it, I was in the shower with him scrubbing every inch of his body. Then he started telling me to give special attention to washing his penis, which was gargantuan compared to my own and startled me when it got even bigger and hard. He would tell me how we wanted it scrubbed until he would climax. After a while, I started seeing it as a game. How quickly could I make Daddy cum? How much of his sperm can I make shoot out? I’m not quite sure when I started using my mouth, but I remember the first time he came in it. I remember gagging and wanting to spit it out so bad, but Daddy held my mouth shut and ordered me to swallow. It took everything I had not to spit it out, but the fear of punishment was motivation enough. Soon after that, I was designated “Daddy’s alarm clock” along with my mom. Every morning we would get up early wake up daddy by sucking his dick. Mom and I even came up with a few different games we would play, which made it whole lot of fun.
Today is my sixteenth birthday, and I woke up with something of an epiphany. Looking back over the last few years, I took account of journey I’ve underwent. I looked down at the light pink bedding of the queen sized bed I slept in and remembered the padded mat I slept on before Daddy came along. Across the board my life was way better now than it was before Daddy came along, and Daddy’s only requirements for me was to be pretty, be girly, and do as he says. Well, I was pretty, I was girly, and doing what Daddy says has become second nature to me, so really, all I had to do was be myself. With that thought, I felt as if the last, small part of me that was still holding onto being a boy gave in, and I got out of bed to start my daily responsibilities wholeheartedly.
After I finished cleaning the dishes from breakfast, Daddy told me to come out to the drive way. I bounced with glee as I saw the new volkswagon that I thought looked super cute. Daddy told me to stand by the car to take some pictures. After a couple shots, he told me to lift my shirt, which I did without even a second thought. He snapped a couple pictures then came up to me to admire my budding breasts and whispered in my ear that I would be getting another present tonight. When he said that, he gave my pert bottom a squeeze. He continued to take pictures of me in various states of undress with my new car. All the while, I couldn’t help but be excited about my other gift.

Learning the Ropes

As Kelli got ready for his after school tutoring, he couldn’t help but think about what he learned in history earlier that day and imagine what life must have been like before the Confederate Brotherhood liberated the western half of the country from the Federal Matriarchy. Men and women, who apparently looked like him but with something else between their legs, lived together, but apparently a group of women wanted to enslave the men and the Confederate Brotherhood formed to save the men by calling for a truce and dividing up the country between the two of them. The Brotherhood found a way to artificially create eggs so they could procreate, but only Y chromosomes were ever successful, which is why there are only males in the and why society is the way it is today.
Kelli was born into the beta caste. A class of men who’s genetics are tailored to be as feminine as possible. While alphas are physically and are expected to work long hours doing physical labor and running the country, betas are tasked with relieving the stress that the alphas’ daily life causes. Betas are generally the ones who cook, clean, and look after the children. Most betas look to find an alpha to hire them, where they will cook, clean, and pleasure their alpha for a weekly stipend. These betas are known as house betas and it’s not uncommon for an alpha to have more than one if they can afford it.
Kelli’s father, Patricia, is one of an elite class of betas. Early on in life, he found favor with a very influential business man who liked flaunting his beautiful beta in front of all his peers. This resulted higher and higher bids for his services, allowing him to rack up quite a fortune in personal wealth, a rare thing for a beta, which is why Patricia can afford his own condo.
Today is a special day for Kelli as he will be pleasuring his first official client. Of course this is at a discounted rate as he is still an apprentice courtesan, and his father will be there to supervise. Kelli was both excited and nervous. Excited about following in his father’s footsteps, and nervous about testing his skills on the real thing.
Kelli sat on the bed as his father got the client hard. Once it was his turn, Kelli realized he forgot to bring a hair tie, a rookie mistake he knew, and just looked at his dad for help. Patricia just sighed and reached over to hold back his son’s hair. Patricia knew Kelli’s technique was good by the look on the client’s face. Despite the little mistakes, Patricia couldn’t help but beam proudly. His son still had a ways to go, but he was definitely learning the ropes.

Path to a new life

After months of planning, my best friend Randy and I got the word from the girls. It was time. We had met the girls at a company party our fathers worked out. Randy’s and my dads were mid level managers on the industrial side of the company, while the girls’ fathers were on the board of directors. The two beautiful girls approached us at the party, introduced themselves as Celine and Lily, and started asking us all kinds of questions. What were our plans after we graduated high school? Did we want to join the company or not? Randy and I were so stunned they were talking to us we just answered their questions. We revealed that I wanted to be a musician, and randy dreamed of one day becoming a world class ballet dancer, much to the disapproval of our fathers, who wanted us to join the company. Upon hearing this, the girls started opening up themselves. They revealed their desire to one day run the company, and their vision for the future of the company. They were ambitious to say the least, but none of that mattered as they knew their fathers would never allow women on the board of directors. Their fathers saw them as their little princesses, there to do nothing but look pretty. The girls took us to another room and explained their plan. Read more