Prostitution Ring

Harry finally busted the prostitution ring in town, or did he? As he locked up whom he thought was the final member of the organization, the man just laughed.

“You think you have won? You have not, and now since you can’t beat us, you will join us,” said the man laughing with a thick accent.

“Join you? You must be high? Do I look like a whore to you,” asked Harry.

“No but you soon will,” said the man laughing again.

Suddenly Harry blacked out, and when he opened his eyes, he was staring at a tiny hand grabbing loosely a big hard penis as it shot loads upon loads of hot cum onto his now heavy chest!

The man said, “Wow, Harriet, way to go gal! Look what you made me do. You’re probably one of the prostitution ring’s best whores.”

Harry freaked out, and let go of the cock before him, looking down to see under cum covered tits, he no longer had a cock himself! Below was a wet pierced pussy with three rings on each lip, and two clit rings! Above this the signature tat all the whores had at the organization he thought he brought down.

The tat read, “Enter here for a good time, Goodtime Gals Inc.”

At that moment, Harry realized what the man in prison had meant, he must not have busted the ring fully, and now he was a part of it, as one of their whores, now named Harriet! Little did he knew the real boss behind the prostitution ring was a woman, one who had been a hooker herself for years, who decided to make it a business. She also didn’t like men for anything other than sex, and came across a magician that would allow her to change threats to her business into parts of her business where they would no longer be a threat but a help! Harry was one such victim, the first of many that would become prostitutes for trying to bring down Goodtime Gals, Inc.

Harriet raced for a mirror, and screamed realizing not only had SHE lost to the organization, but was now a part of it as a woman and a whore! She cupped her new boobs in horror realizing this was her fate, and she would probably never escape it! She also realized she would have to get used to being with men, the Goodtime Gals, Inc. would beat you if you didn’t do your job!


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