Dominating Secretaries

Chad now Chandra said, “You two are the ones that turned us into slutty secretaries for your amusement and to see if the company’s gender change ray worked. We’ll here we stand baby. Like what you see? Just because we are secretaries now doesn’t mean we can’t be dominating like we were before as guys. Now strip naked, we want to see you’re nice male asses. You made us into men too, well, you two are supposedly men, so show us what you got, NOW!”

Chandra poked Paul with a cane, ready to beat him into submission for her. Meanwhile, Terence, now Tanya, smiled while watching the two men squirm, naked and dominated by two secretaries. Chandra then eyed Patrick, as he looked back at her, and told them both to start stroking.

Tanya said, “Yeah, get those cocks ready boys. If we’re stuck like this we’re going to have a good time, and your cocks will have to do for now.”

What the two didn’t tell them was, the change ray, though permanent, had a residual effect. If the two new women came into contact with men within 48 hours of their changes, those other men would become women also, and possibly even more so, somehow the ray’s energy transferred through a female body was somehow stronger, amplified by the woman’s estrogen.

Chandra and Tanya were not surprised when the two men’s cocks vanished from their mouths while they were sucking, becoming hot wet vaginas right before their eyes! The amplification worked too, and when the changes were done in minutes, Paul and Patrick were now two ultra curvy and busty sluts both with J cup sized breasts, huge hips, thighs, and buttocks, and five times the sex drive of the already slutty Chandra and Tanya! The two new secretaries stood there in shock and horror, and also realized not only were their boners gone, but secretaries that were punishing them, Chandra and Tanya no longer looked good to them! They were now thinking of big strong men and their hard cocks!

Chandra winked at them, and said, “Well, looks like this company now has four new secretaries, and I hope you like skirts, hose, and high heels boys, they are required thanks to our boss Henry.”

Tanya got a thought, “Hmm, maybe we should suck Henry too, we could have a new female CEO!”

“Good idea Tanya, let’s let these to get acclimated to their new bodies, while we have storage send them some new female business suits to put on their curvy new forms,” said Chandra.

Both new women could hear the clank of heels as Chandra and Tanya left them to their fate, and were about to give their CEO Mr. Henry Jacobs, his new fate as well! That clinking they would soon be making themselves, transformed and outfitted as new secretaries in high heels, shiny nude hose, and tight skirts.


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