Fuck Greg

Tony was confused when he got the message from Mrs. Grick to come to her house. That didn’t stop him from going of course. She was the incedibly sexy neighbor of Greg, who had gone into another one of his moody periods of isolation. Usually they only lasted a few days, but this one had lasted some months now.

Whatever, fuck Greg. He’d figure his own shit out in time.

The Grick’s home was enormous. Mr. Grick was some kind of rich investment banker or something and by far had the nicest house on the block. That hadn’t kept Greg and Tony from peeping into the backyard at Mrs. Grick, who was easily 15 years younger than her husband and often sunbathed topless. When Tony arrived a maid answered the door. Tony asked for Mrs. Grick and was waved to the backyard by the pool. Mrs. Grick was sadly not topless this time.

“Hey Tony!” She shouted with a large smile and walked over to him. Tony had no idea she knew his name.

“Rebecca.” She said quickly, “Or Greg if you’d prefer.”

Tony blinked, “What?”

“It’s me, Greg. Long story short me and Rebecca swapped bodies.” Mrs. Grick said.

Tony blinked again. Mrs. Grick sighed.

“You don’t believe me? Ok, well, you once had a chance to have Stacy Patterson blow you under the bleachers in high school, only to get too excited and blow your load as she pulled your cock out of your pants.”

Tony blushed, remembering the incident and getting enraged, “I can’t belive Greg fucking told you that story.” He said and turned, thinking this some kind of prank.

“Hold on.” Mrs. Grick said and reached into her top and pulled out one of her boobs, still smiling. Tony froze, staring at it, “Rebecca was a witch or something. She saw the light off my telescope one time when I was peeping on her and she swapped our bodies. I was pretty freaked out until she came over as me and explained the whole thing. After that she kept periodically swapping into me whenever she wanted to. Seems she liked being a teenage boy. I thought it was just for temporary stints until this last time. Turns out Frank, that’s Mr. Grick, wants a baby. Rebecca decided she didn’t want that and instead would rather be me.”

“You’re nuts.” Tony said and Mrs. Grick frowned.

“Look, I don’t really care if you believe me. The truth is that being a chick is actually pretty great and Mr. Grick is mostly a great husband. But he works a lot, and since I got knocked up I’ve been going out of my mind I’m so horny. So you want to fuck me or not?” Mrs. Grick said, still holding her boob.

The tent in Tony’s pants almost made an answer pointless. It was the craziest fucking story, but if Mrs. Grick wanted to fuck him, he didn’t care how nuts she was. And if Greg was in on this… or if she really was Greg… well, fuck Greg.


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