Problem student

I wasn’t a good student. Actually I was the worst you could imagine. I bullied most of my classmates, I even made fun of my teachers on their faces. I had the ability to make good students fail class. Anything you can imagine a bad student could do, I would have already done it, several times.

One day, I was called at the principal’s office. “You thought putting syrup all over your teacher’s car was funny?” the principal asked me. “No sir” I answered. “Good, because it wasn’t” he said. “No it wasn’t syrup” I said while laughing. “Fine that’s it. I have already talked to your parents, and they agree this is the only solution” he said while closing and locking the door. I wasn’t afraid, whatever he could say, I would just laugh at his face. “Look Mr. Smith” I told the principal as I stood up, “there is nothing you can do, I am who I am, and nothing can change that” I said. He smiled, “Funny the choice of words you used. Now sit down.” I had never followed orders, but for some reason, I did sit down. “Now stand up” he said, and I followed suit. “What the hell? stop this!” I yelled. “too late for that” he said with an evil grin.

“Now, I am going to give you some privacy, I want you to change into these clothes” he said, while handing me a skirt, and heels. “This are women clothes” I said while taking off my shoes. “I know” he said while he looked the other way, “let me know when you’re ready”. I felt discusted, I took the rest of my clothes off, and started putting everything on. “Ready” I said. He turned around, “great, now the clothes make the man, or in this case the woman” he said. Everything changed when he said that phrase, my hair grew longer, I felt what can be described as a punch right on my groin. I felt my chest being pulled out into breasts. My whole body and figure changed. “Look at yourself young lady” he said, I looked down, and was amazed at my new body, I didn’t know how this was possible, but I had just been turned into a woman. “I’ll make you a deal, be a perfect student as a woman, and behave like one, for one month, and i’ll turn you back.” I had no choice, I agreed.

No one seemed to mind, it was like the old me never existed. But apparently I had a couple of girl friends, and they kept calling me Kim. At first it was hard, behaving like a good student, doing my homework, not making fun of everybody, blushing when guys hit on me. But one day before the deal was over, I just snapped. I ran to the bathroom, and lit up a smoke. It felt so good. I heard a man’s voice “oh shit, I’m in the boys bathroom” I said outloud. I should have closed the door, but it was my last day as a girl, and it sounded like a great idea to try this body, to have sex as a woman for just one time. I slid my panties down, and greeted the man sexily. He was kind of a geek, for I was already wet, thinking about sex. I locked the door, and had sex with him. It was great, and if this was sex with a geek, I can only imagine sex with a jock.

The next day I went to the principals office, expecting him to turn me back. “I hear you had fun being a good student” he said and I nodded. “You enjoyed being a good girl, even when you were smocking in the bathroom, and having sex” he said. I couldn’t believe he had find out. “Sure sure, now turn me back” I said. “Sorry, the deal was for you to be a good student. I hope you like being Kim for the rest of your life” he kicked me out of his office. I wasn’t mad, maybe now I can try having sex with the football team, the entire football team. That was the day, the problem student was gone from school, and in his place, Kim, the school slut was born.


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