Helping a friend

I got a text from my friend James. “Dude! I need your help. Please come to my appartment right now”. When I got there and openned the door, I was expecting him to open the door, but instead a hot blonde woman wearing James clothes open the door. “Come in” she said, and closed the door behind me. “Dude, sit down, this is going to be hard to explain” she said. “Where is James? why are you calling me dude? I don’t even know you…” I said.

“I am James!” she while crying. “A witch cursed me! She said, that every night I will become more feminine, until I become a bimbo craving for sex” I hoped this was just a prank, “haha, very funny, now where is James” I told her. “I am here. Please believe me. You are the only one that can help me” she said. After much talking, she said some stuff that only James would know, so I believed her. “So, how can I help you?” I asked her. “I don’t know, for starters, help me find that witch, and get her to turn me back” she said while crying. It was late night, so we decided to start our search the next morning. I stayed watching tv all night, while she slept in her room.

The next morning, I walked into her room, she looked cute, I couldn’t believe she used to be James. “Wake up James” I said, “Hey, hello” she said, “I guess for the time being, you should call me a girl name…. Jane, I think Jane will do”. She got dressed, and looked so much like a tomboy. We spent that day looking for the witch, but no one have heard of her. We went to the bar where he met her, but nothing. There we had a couple of tequila shots, and went back to her…. I mean his… ohh whatever… her place… This time, she fell asleep on my lap while watching tv. I carried her to her room, and I went back to the living room to sleep.

In the morning, some weird sounds woke me up. It was Jane, she was fingering herself, and moaning. Moaning like crazy. “Dude stop!” I yelled. She blushed, “Sorry, I just felt like inspecting. And its better than I had ever imagined” she said while giggling. “I don’t like my clothes, I guess until we find that witch, I should buy a couple of women clothes” she said. “Sure” I said, “But it is monday, and I have to go to work. Here are 500 bucks, you go and buy yourself some clothes… Jane”. I don’t know why but I kissed her on her cheek before I left. I received a new text as I was leaving work, “John, I think we have had some luck. Please come see me. miss you”. I thought she had found the witch, or a solution to her problems, so I drove to Jane’s place.

I knocked at her door. “It’s open” she said with a sexy voice. I openned the door, and entered the room. “Do you like what I bought” she said, she was wearing almost nothing, just some dark underware. She was hilding her boobs with her manicured hands. She had makeup on her face, and was biting her lips. “James?” I asked. “No, James is gone, I want to be Jane forever. Now take me”. I knew it was late for James, he was gone. I locked the door of the appartment, and walked towards Jane. We made love all night. In the morning, she didn’t even remember who James was. In her mind, we used to be friends since highschool, and in college we started dating.

Sex broke the spell, it didn’t turn her back into a man, nor helped her regain her memories, but she didn’t become more of a bimbo as days passed by. She stayed as my hot and smart girlfriend Jane, now wife, forever.


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