Don’t you recognize him?

“MMmm, you sure are a pretty thing…” Adam smirked as he prepared to shove his dick into the mysterious brunette with her legs spread wide before him. She had a look of surprise on her face, and Adam imagined it was because of where the girl was, stuck between Claire and Jane while Claire played with her boobs and Jane pumped Adam’s cock. It was probably the girl’s first time having group sex. Adam smirked as he thought about how jealous his friend Chris would be.

For Adam though such thing had basically become the norm. Dating Claire had been fun, especially when Claire admitted she was bi and also seeing Jane, who was also bi. They turned their relationship into a triangle and it had been working out really well. Then they both revealed they weren’t just bi, they were actually witches. A spell which made Adam more fit and his cock bigger had been all the proof Adam needed.

Adam’s roommate Chris of course heard most of the stories. Think about it, if you were a guy banging two hot chicks, wouldn’t you brag about it to someone? Adam kept the part about them being witches a secret though. Not that Adam would have believed him, it was just the girls had specifically asked him not to tell anyone as a precaution.

Chris started complaining as Adam’s stories got more outlandish. He’d seen Adam go to his bedroom with Claire and Jane, so he knew he wasn’t lying. He was jealous. He said it was unfair, that Adam got two girls and he got none. He insisted he just needed a chance to talk to the two of them, convince one of them to take a chance on him. Feeling a twinge of pity remembering being single himself, Adam decided to give Chris his chance.

Adam invited Claire and Jane over for a night of fun, then he “received” an urgent call to come down to work to take care of an emergency. He told the two girls to wait and that he’d be back in a few hours. He winked at Chris and whispered in his ear that now was his chance.

He’d spent two hours at a bar and then come home to see the door to Chris’s room closed, and Claire and Jane with a third girl making out on the couch with a half eaten box of pizza on the coffee table. He sighed, assuming Chris had struck out again and Jane and Claire had invited another friend over. There were no introductions, Adam and the girls were clearly all horny. The Claire and Jane giggled as Adam joined them in making out, and the other girl looked nervous.

The new girl was a little timid and clumsy, but after feeling all their hands and fingers on her body she seemed to relax and just go with it. She seemed to get nervous again every time Adam kissed her. Adam wondered if she wasn’t actually a lesbian and not bi, but she seemed to enjoy everything he did to her, after her initial shock, including kissing.

Her nervous energy was very arousing. It didn’t take them long to end up on Adam’s bed, him about to fuck the new girl.

Adam paused for a moment and sighed, “Chris would be so jealous.” He said to Claire and Jane. Three girls to his one dick after all…

Claire and Jane giggled, “What? You don’t recognize him?” Claire asked.

The brunette suddenly blushed and looked away. Adam’s eyes went wide.

“No way…”

“Don’t feel hesitant about it, go on and fuck her. You won’t be the first. You should have seen how she paid the pizza delivery guy!” Claire said.

“Chris said he wanted to sleep with us, but we decided we didn’t really want another dick in our bed. Yours is plenty.” Jane said.

“And Chris here sure warmed up to the idea once he’d felt his boobs.” Claire said and pinched the Brunette’s nipples, causing her to moan loudly and arch her back, pushing her hot wet pussy towards Adam’s dick.


“This feels really good man.” The brunette said, “And I’m so fucking horny! Come on, stick it in me and pound me until I can’t walk straight!”

A little bit of magic and sometime later and Adam knew none of them would be walking straight that weekend. That was fine, after all, who wanted to get out of bed?


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