a perfect plan

When Charlotte enter the alley, her plan was prepared. The homeless punk with his blue hair was here, and alone, as planned. She had learn the spell perfectly, it was bulletproof. Stopping just behind him, she began reciting the spell. The punk had a hard time waking up, still drunk from last night. He will have no time to understand waht happen before it’s over, thought the girl, still reciting her spell in an strange language learn from an old book bought in flee market.

Charlotte’s plan was simple, she wanted to have a better figure. With a spell she found, she could merge the body of another person into hers and use it to have the big breasts the flat girl had always wanted. She had decide to use the punk under her flat to perform the spell. He always was a nuisance so it could be two birds with one stone.

But, as Charlotte ended her spell, she felt something wrong. And there was something wrong indeed. The body of the punk was supposed to liquified and added into hers, but instead, it was her body who began losing shape. What the girl didin’t realised was she haven’t translate the spell correctly and made her the target. But Charlotte had no time to think of the cause of her downfall, too occupied facing the concequences. She tried to run but all her body stayed in place in a flotting liquid. Her clothes fell in a pile, where her feets once was. With a scream changing into an intelligible rumble, the last human features of Charlotte disepeard in the liquid ball.

Meanwhile the punk observed the terrifying scene, enable to move. When the ball came to him, he didn’t have time to make a move, the liquid enter him in his mouth and every part on his skin, fusioning and changing his form drasticly.

When the punk wake up, he slowly realised how he have changed. Long blue hair fell on his face, and a weight on his chest made him realised he was now a girl. New thought came to her head. Her name was Charlotte, and she now had a home. Looking around her, she saw the dress the girl previously wore. She quickly put it on and found the key to her flat. Taking some time to admire her new home, she found a mirror and decide to look closer to her new form. She was amazed how she looked like the girl who liquified before her, except for her blue hair and her now sexier silhouette. A tiny voice seem to came from her breasts. She release her voluptuous breasts from the dress to better hear the voice. It was the previous Charlotte begging the punk to change her back. But instead, the new girl took her breasts and squeesed them, enjoying this new feelings and making moan the girl inside. Then she tell her, she had no intention of doing anyhting for her. The magic she used obviously too dangerous for her tastes, she prefered stay like this and let her be her breasts form now on.

The breats began to sobb as she realised she will never be human again, just part of what she wanted to be. But t was not long because the last part of the spell kick in getting rid of the mind of the now pair of breasts. The girl consciousness disapeard as the new Charlotte put back her dress. Falling down the curtain of the life of the girl previously known as Charlotte. It was time for the new Charlotte to begin hers, and took the decision to not waste this second chance.


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