Possessed on vacation

Jaden had always loved his girlfriend Allie from the heart. She was stunningly beautiful but would never flaunt her body because she was kind of shy. That changed after visited some Caribbean islands to admire their beauty. They were oblivious to the fact, that some native woman was admiring something else for it’s beauty. Allies body.
They didn’t notice the slightly shimmering ghost which appeared behind them. Suddenly Allie seemed to stumble, or like she was hit by something from behind, but she caught herself and stood still. Her beautiful eyes closed, she looked like she was absorbing new sensations and took some deep breaths. As she looked up again, she had that weird smile on her face and immediately began to release her luscious body from the tight clothes she put on this morning. She began to dance around and seemed like someone, who just discovered how beautiful life could be.
Jaden was stunned. Allie, as the shy girl she was, would never show herself completely naked in public.
After her short and sexy dance, she quickly put her clothes back on and said: “Sorry dear. I got carried away there. Everything is sooo perfect I just wanted to express my joy.” Then she flicked her long beautiful red hair behind her pierced ears with her delicate hand and came in for a sweet kiss.
She was able to impersonate Allie perfectly because she had full access on her memories. Jaden couldn’t tell any difference as long as the woman wanted to.
The only difference was that she started to show off her awesome sexy body and started to put aside her shyness which Jaden didn’t like.
The new Allie didn’t care of course. Alle she wanted was to leave this island and start over her life…


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