Don’t want to be Adorable

“That’s it!?” Tom’s bellicose laughter echoed across the phone, “You go through all the trouble to turn yourself into a woman and you get teeny little tits?!”

“Hey!” Rick said and blushed, “I’ve got the bits that count!” Rick was actually a little upset at the size of his bust. The good nanobots are just so much more expensive.

“Aww don’t get upset. You are fucking adorable.” Tom said. Rick scowled, he didn’t want to be adorable, he wanted to be hot! “I could just eat you up!” Tom continued laughing on the other side of the phone.

“Yeah, um, about that. I’ve been wondering what that would feel like…” Rick admitted and was glad he’d sent the selfie when he did. His whole body was as red as his hair now!

“Oh no, a chick like you needs to put out before you get a guy like me to go down on you.” Tom said, no longer laughing.

“Fine I’ll suck your cock, but you have to repay the favor, OK?” Rick asked with a tremor in his voice.

“We’ll see if you earn it. I’ll be over in ten minutes.” Tom said and the phone clicked dead.

Rick didn’t earn anything that night. Tom came over that night, fucked her mouth, and then generally treated her like a piece of meat, doing what he wanted with her. Rick was mortified at how much she got off on being treated like a fuck toy. A month later she is Tom’s adorable, submissive little girlfriend.


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