Polyjuice (2/2)

After being transformed into a copy of my roommate’s girlfriend, I expected him to turn himself into a copy of my girlfriend and let me go back to my original male form.
Only, he drank a potion that he had brewed behind my back to turn himself into me, and forced me to drink another one that transformed me into a replica of my girlfriend.

“What are you doing?” I asked with my high-pitched voice. “That wasn’t the plan!”
He admitted that he didn’t want to become a girl, and that I seemed to enjoy it.
I felt uneasy. He was right. I loved pretending to be his girlfriend, and my girlfriend’s body felt even nicer.
“Plus, I’ve always been jealous of your life. That’s why I used all of the potion and burned the recipe”.

He had everything planned. He convinced my girlfriend to drink the last potion that would turn her into him, so that no one could see the changes.
Now that I was completely stuck… Better enjoy it.


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