Polyjuice (1/2)

My roommate and I managed to find some sort of Polyjuice recipe.
We brewed it, and when we had to choose who we would morph into, he said “What about you morph into my girlfriend, and then we will do the opposite?”.
Obviously, both our girlfriends left some hair behind, so it was possible.
And after all, why not. Being a girl could be fun.

So I drank the potion and turned into the exact replica of his girlfriend.
I loved it. This new body was so small, so light… As I was dressed in my old clothes, I started to get undressed. The vision of his naked girlfriend turned my friend on. And that’s how we ended up having sex.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I was loving every part of it.
Even my own moans were turning me on. I loved this body, but I had to get back to my old self, and turn my flatmate into a copy of my girlfriend this time.


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