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Poison Ivy’s Victory

“Ha! And they call you the World’s Greatest Detective? You fell for the most obvious bait ever! I didn’t even abduct that little girl! It was just a ruse!” Poison Ivy mocked as she danced around the plant cocoon that encased Batman. Read more

Batman no more.

The joker had enough of Batman so he come up with the perfect plan . “Joker your reign of terror is over hand yourself in you know I’ll beat you” “the same could be said for you bats haha haha ha ha” “what do you mean joker” ” youll see bats” joker through his new joker gas at Batman but this time Batman was vulnerable to it it started to morph he grew long hair, his nipples grew and became dd cup breasts next his manhood retreated and he was fully feminized ready for the joker “oh Mr joker I’m ready for playtime!” “Haha oh I am too darling