Playing Chicken

We hadn’t known what we were messing with when we found it. It looked like a cheap fake gem you’d expect to see in prop pirate treasure, much too large an gaudy for anybody to actually wear unironically. When I best to pick it up, I realized it definitely wasn’t fake. It was much to hard and hefty to be any sort of glass or plastic, and way it reflected the light was wholly unlike anything I’d seen before. I realized this was definitely intended to be shown off. Maybe it would look better on a chain?

As I was picturing that in my head, a thin gold chain snaked out of nowhere, creating a necklace with the strange gem dangling off of it. It didn’t take long for us to realize what we’d found, a gem that was capable of changing the world around it to match the holders thoughts. Aaron, being a huge comic book nerd, decided to call it The Reality Gem.

It’s second effect took a little longer to figure out. I had promised to just make a couple of changes then I’d let Aaron play with it for a while. I started by making myself a bit taller. I’d never been short, but I’d always wanted my height to be something people actually noticed. I then turned my crappy ’03 civic into a brand new lexus. I was about to give myself the clothes to match, when I found myself holding the pendant out for Aaron to snatch. “Thanks man, I didn’t you literally just meant a couple.” After some experimenting, we realized the gem forced you to do anything you said you would while you were holding it.

This opened the door for Aaron’s idea, a sick game of chicken. One of us would do something, and the other had to follow suit. The first person to back down would have to submit to two changes from the winner.

Our first changes were innocent enough, and primarily focused on our pasts. Aaron made it so everybody had memories of him having loud, terrible flatulence. I matched that, and upped the ante, having people remember me announce it gleefully in a bad Cartman impression. We kept matching our embarrassing pasts without hesitation, knowing the loser would never be able to show his face in the light of day. However, we both knew that the changes wouldn’t be left around for long; after all, the winner would lose face just being seen with us after some of the stuff we’d done. Aaron had even just made it so we’d say flirty things to other guys without realizing.

I needed something that would affect us right now too. Maybe then he’d be more hesitant to follow suit. “I like to dress up in women’s clothing” I said, and I changed the clothes on my back to a long skirt and white blouse. I wish I hadn’t phrased it that way though; it was weird to be happy with how this fit.

Aaron looked like he was finally going to chicken out, but quickly followed, and hit me with “I don’t own anything but women’s clothing.” Damn, I can’t back down, but now that means I’m not just the weirdo. I’m the weirdo who’s always dressed like a girl. Still, I could make him regret that.

“All my clothing is skimpy and revealing.” I felt the blouse I was wearing pull up, exposing my midriff, while the neckline plunged. It honestly looked hilarious on me. At the same time, my skirt pulled itself skin-tight and shortened until it couldn’t have been more than 6″ long. Surely that would scare him.

Instead, he fired back with “I always make sure my make-up is perfect.” A coating of expertly applied make-up appeared on his face. It must have been perfect, given the effect it had. Aaron was a fairly masculine looking guy, but the make-up sure had him looking feminine. That did give me an idea.

“I’m going to give myself boobs. What’s the point of these revealing clothes unless there’s something to reveal?” I felt breasts fill my blouse Looking down, I could see just how noticeable they were. My nipple were clearly visible through the thin fabric, and even though I’d barely given myself B cups, my top still created some inviting cleavage. I realized that while these might be easily hidden by any normal girl, neither of us owned the clothes to do that anymore. Still, seeing my horror at what I’d just done had to be making Aaron nervous.

Maybe he was, or maybe he was just distracted by my new tits on display. Then again, I’d have been nervous too given what he did next. “Well, there’s no point in pretending things aren’t going this way anyway. I’m going to make myself a complete woman.” He gave himself breasts first, just a tad smaller than mine, I noticed. But the changes that followed were the real shock. His body hair vanished, while the hair on his head cascaded down his back like a blonde waterfall. His legs became smooth and slender, trailing invitingly to his now flat crotch. His waist pulled in, and his stomach flattened. And if I’d thought his face was feminine looking before, I have no idea what to call it now. To intimidate me, he began to strip. “Remember, if you chicken out, you don’t need to deal with this,” she said, spreading her new pussy for me.

I knew I just needed to do it. If I stopped to think, I’d chicken out for sure. I grabbed the gem and pictured myself immediately. I heard a gasp from Aaron (Erin?). I might have gone a little overboard in my haste. I realized that I had pictured the first naked woman I could, who obviously wasn’t all that plain. I was a petite thing with wide hips and a skinny little waist. Thankfully I hadn’t messed with my boobs any further, but my new tight ass hadn’t been as lucky. Regretfully, I also remembered what a sucker I was for a pretty face. I could only imagine what I must look like now with all my make-up. But maybe I could use this to my advantage. “Remember Erin, if you decide to end things here, you don’t need to make this next change,” I said in the same mocking way she’d done to me. But Erin hadn’t given herself near as sexy a voice as mine. “I’m going to make men turn me on.”

It wasn’t all that bad, I barely noticed anything actually. It’s not like there were any men around. Still, the look of fear on Erin’s face said it all. I handed her back the gem, and slowly I saw fear turn to a determined grin. “That’s it? There aren’t even any men to show the effect? You might as well have given me a food allergy. Let me show you how it’s done. I’m going to conjure up a man and kiss his dick while I play with my tits.”

She wouldn’t. Then again, if she said it, she had to. A man popped into existence in front of her just like the chain had earlier. He was absolutely gorgeous, with a rugged handsome face and a hard muscled body that was driving me wild. And there was the small matter of his huge cock standing at attention. Erin made good on her promise and pulled her shirt up, tweaking her nipple as she drew his cock closer in her hand. She kissed his tip while gazing up into his face, giving a squeal of delight. She started to kiss up and down the shaft, and glanced over at me, before she burst out laughing. “Alright, I guess you’re ready for your turn now.”

I realized with embarrassment that I was already playing with myself too. I had my shirt pulled up and my thumb was slowly running circles around my left nipple. I gave a sheepish grin, before I leaned over and took him in my hand too. I leaned my head down and put my lips on the tip of his member. The warmth surprised me. I don’t know what I had been expecting, but it hadn’t been a nice soft warmth. I let my lips expand around almost the whole head before I remembered it only needed to be a kiss. Knowing how inviting it was though, I was sure I could work it into a future dare. I let it pop out of my mouth with a cute little “mwa,” and set about thinking of my next challenge.

“How about this, I’m going to take away my gag reflex and double my body’s sensitivity to pleasure.” Erin had to have felt what I felt, this idea had to scare her at least as much as it did me. No sooner did the changes take affect than I practically threw the gem at her. That was weird, I’d never done that.”

“What the hell, what was that for?”
“I don’t know, I didn’t mean to. Something just came over me.”

Erin’s face lit up. “And do you know why?” I shook my head. “Because you just lost the game.” What? What the hell was she saying. However, no sooner had I thought that then I realized what I’d done. I had been dared to conjure my own man, and instead I’d used Erin’s. I turned to glare at her, and was a bit surprised to see Aaron again, with a triumphant smile. “Now then, I think I’m entitled to a couple of custom changes.”


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