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Playing Chicken

We hadn’t known what we were messing with when we found it. It looked like a cheap fake gem you’d expect to see in prop pirate treasure, much too large an gaudy for anybody to actually wear unironically. When I best to pick it up, I realized it definitely wasn’t fake. It was much to hard and hefty to be any sort of glass or plastic, and way it reflected the light was wholly unlike anything I’d seen before. I realized this was definitely intended to be shown off. Maybe it would look better on a chain? Read more

Is This Real?

Hi, you can call me Skxawng, I’m a 20 years old boy. I have been enjoying reading TG Captions for quite a long time. There are a few websites that I used to visit to read some TG Captions.
I don’t know, I have this fantasy of living the life in the other gender. I love reading some captions, while imagining what would it be like if I’m inside the story, being transformed, body swapped, into a body of a girl. I bet it will be an awesome experience. Read more

Day at the beach

Donald didn’t know what was happening nor did he really mind that much. While growing up he use to experience moment of lost time where someone would wake him from a daze, or he suddenly found himself in the middle of doing something but couldn’t remember what. Read more