Picture perfect

“Why don’t you take a picture? It’ll last longer,” Nathan said sweetly to his best friend, playing with the skirt and dangling his keychain near his little “V.”

Luke flushed with shame and quickly averted his eyes. “S-s-sorry! I didn’t realize I was staring at your…I mean Jenny’s…umm, you know….” Luke stammered, having a hard time keeping his eyes off his sister’s body.

Nathan giggled musically and punched Luke’s arm playfully. “Relax, I’m just messing with you, buddy! I really don’t mind you sneaking a peek—this is only temporary, after all. Look, Jenny just wanted to experience having a dick for a day and maybe smacking down Brad, that chauvinistic pig who’s been stalking her roommate. And I have to admit being a bit curious about how girls think and feel. Especially your sexy sister, who’s never given me the time of day before. So I said sure, why not do this magical swap thing? Bud, I know it must be awkward for you to look at your sister’s body and realize that it’s your pal Nate in here, but let’s not tiptoe around each other, okay? If Jenny didn’t want us to get a good look at her pussy, then she’d at least have worn some panties under her skirt.”

Luke breathed a sigh of relief now that he was free to gaze at his sister’s lovely body without guilt. “You’re serious about the picture, Nate?” he asked. Nathan nodded and struck a pose as Luke took out his camera.

“Take one, take ten, as many as you want!” said Nathan. “We should have some keepsakes to remember this day, since we won’t ever get to see Jenny in so many states of undress anymore. She said she’d be back in three hours, so we’ve got some time. I just hope she knows how to drive my Ferrari properly. What could go wrong?”

A lot could go wrong, apparently. On her way back from teaching Brad a lesson, Jenny got in a car crash. The crash was minor, but she sustained a concussion and had temporary memory loss. One of the lost memories was the body swap spell. It looked like Nathan would be stuck in Jenny’s delectable body for some time yet.

When the pictures circulated online, Nathan was mortified. It was his life now, his reputation, his pussy at stake. He was Jenny now.


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