Picking your enemies

When Toby Adam’s sprung out from behind the porch and pegged Chris with a water balloon, Chris new instantly it wasn’t that simple. He did’t even get mad or complain. He just ran inside and jumped in the shower, eager to rinse off before it was too late.

Of course by the time he got to the shower, Chris’s skin was tingling, hoping to at least dilute it some. He didn’t even take the time to strip he was so desperate. Water falling on his wifebeater made it transparent, and he could already see the hair on his chest thinning. His nipples were puffy and he watched and sighed as they grew and grew.

“How the hell is that shit not illegal?” Chris asked himself for the hundredth time. All because he used to make fun and prank on Wendell Peterson, an obnoxious rich kid. He was a bad choice for an enemy.

Wendell had gone down to the newly opened magic shop when it opened and bought gallons of Gender change potion. Then he started giving it out for free to anyone and everyone with the stipulation they use some of it on Chris. Chris was of course able to buy the counter potion, but it came at $300 a pop. And then of course, someone else would just hit him with a water balloon, or a squirt gun, or just a cup of the stuff and POOF. He’d be in titsville again.

Chris sighed and reached up, pulling down his top and exposing one of his big tits. Feeling its weight, he gave it a squeeze. He’d been wondering if he could wash the potion off before it got to him, but had never had the opportunity to test the notion. Now he had. Answer: No.

He heard a giggle and looked up and saw his sister Claire looking at him. He hadn’t bothered to close the door. Not that it mattered, she’d seen him naked as a girl before. Hell, she’d even hit him with a water balloon once.

“I love how it turns your manly skull tattoo into pretty flowers.” She said.

“Yeah, you’ve said.” Chris groaned and turned the shower off, “Grah! I just mowed everyone’s lawns, I’ve done all the yardwork I could think of for all our neighbors. What the hell am I supposed to do to raise $300 now?”

“Greg Stephanopolous said you have him a hand job for $20. You could-”

“That little wise ass.” Chris huffed in his feminine voice as he dried himself with a towel. He hadn’t given him a handjob for $20. What he had done was let Greg grab his tits for $10. Chris had been desperate and just $10 shy. He didn’t regret it at all until now. “I did not.”

“Yeah, but now the rumor mill is going. Does it make you feel any better to know that people think $10 is under valued? Rob told me he’d pay $50 if you gave him a beej.” Claire replied.

“Rob’s a fucking pervert.” Chris snapped back.

“Hey I’m just trying to help out. I’m happy to have an older sister to go shopping with.”

“God these things are even bigger than last time.” Chris said patting his breasts, “Guess I’ll need you to help me pick out another bra.”

“Yay! Shopping trip!” Claire squealed.

Chris sighed again. A new bra was going to set Chris even further in the hole. Maybe he could negotiate the price of a handjob with Rob. That wouldn’t be that different from jerking himself off, right?

Chris really wished he’d had more luck picking his enemies.


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