Darling daughter

Tom and his wife Sally had both been devastated by the news that their darling daughter Kathleen had been killed in a car crash while just in her second year in college. She hadn’t even been driving; it had been her boyfriend Matthew behind the wheel.

Over time, Tom got over his grief, but he was a bit worried about Sally’s increasing obsession with occult books and such. He was even more alarmed when he saw her muttering and drawing strange signs in the air. But the biggest surprise was when Tom came home from work one day and found his daughter sitting by the small window ledge by the stairs and looking just as beautiful as the day he’d sent her off to college.

“Kath—Kathleen?!” Tom exclaimed, tears welling up in his eyes. “Can it really be you?”

The girl smoothed her yellow skirt and flashed him a big smile as she crossed her legs. “Welcome home, Daddy. Yes, it’s me. I’m so glad to be home on break. I’ve been having these strange dreams about being a boy named Matthew, but Mommy found me and fixed me, so they don’t bother me anymore. Oh, I’ve missed you, Daddy! Would you like a cupcake? I’ve just baked a batch.”

Tom wiped away his tears and gave his daughter the biggest possible hug. “Yes, Kathleen my baby, let’s have some cupcakes while we wait for Mommy to come home,” he said.


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