From Volvo to Vulva

Ted said he wanted to represent Volvo, his favorite car brand, and the type of car his dealership sold. His boss said he didn’t have what it took to represent them at the auto show. He said he would do whatever it took, and the boss agreed. On the day of the auto show, Ted woke up feeling woozy. Suddenly he was at the show, and feeling weird.

“Tessa, you want to represent Volvo, you have to have a vulva to do it. People want pretty girls to represent our cars, not your hairy pot belly and rigid face. If you do good today, I might just let you stay that way, as my Volvo vulva sexretary ha ha,” said the boss Henry.

Ted, now Tessa, didn’t know what to think. So, he, no rather, SHE looked at her new body in stunned amazement. The long hair, the boobs, the pussy, all hers, along with a sexy outfit complete with black opaque tights, and super high heels. Ted would have probably objected, but he felt sexy, and suddenly his boss looked hot, especially the bugle in his slacks!


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