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Mary adjusted to her new life very quickly. After robbing her next door neighbour Kelly’s supermodel body and youth Mary was now enjoying her new youth and Kelly’s life. Tonight Mary was going to give Kelly’s boyfriend who was hers now a special valentine with her new lingerie. Babe you look amazing said Rob unaware that it was Mary the old woman from next door in his girlfriends body. Mary looked at her gorgeous guy laying naked on the bed. Oh my said Mary looking at Rob, Mary just needed Rob to cum in her to complete the spell. However this wasn’t going to be hard with Mary’s new younger body


Rosie was having the best 70th birthday ever. After draining the youth out of the teenage girl next door Rosie was enjoying being 21 again. She was more beautiful than when was young. Rosie daily had her daily fix of 6 fucks a day. She couldn’t resist the urge for young cock. With her stunning young looks and body Rosie had no problems getting fucked daily

The right time

Maggie swapped bodies with her neighbour Lauren at the right time. She was now in the body of her 21 year old neighbour and about the fuck her new young boyfriend. it had been 40 years since her last shag and she had years of cum to release

The neighbour

Jim was a overweight guy in his 50’s he never had a relationship in his life. However he loved the girl next next door Emma Carvell 22, he would spy on her and film her and watch the films back and wanked off to them. Emma knee Jim as a prev and avoid talking one day. One evening Jim was watching a video of Emma he recorded that day, whilst pulling away at he cock Jim wished he could be Emma. Jim felt weird and felt himself float out of his body through the wall into Emma’s house next door. Puff and Jim had now possessed Emma’s body. It happened at the perfect time as Emma was all dressed up for a night out with the girls in town. Jim was going to enjoy being Emma

Special cum

With every stroke of his cock Jan regressed by a year. Jan wanted to be 20 years old again. As she was 70 this required 50 strokes. However the more she did and regressed and became younger and hotter the more he wanted to shot his cum over her. She needed him to cum on her when she was 20 so that his cum would seal the age she desires. Only one more babe said Jan. Fuck he shouted as his cock covered Jan with his cum. Yes said Jan as she now got the young hot body she wanted

Time of their lives

Mary and Julie where so happy. After stealing the bodies of 2 carers in their care home they were 21 again and beautiful women. Mary and Julie still maintain the girls jobs at the care home to rub it in the girls faces who’s bodies they had stolen. The young girls bodies they had stolen were where in Julie’s and Mary’s old bodies ageing away. Everyone laughed at the girls who claimed that Julie and Mary had stolen their bodies. Mary and Julie would tell the girls the mischief they would get upto and about their daily ducklings with guys. Julie and Mary had many youthful years ahead to enjoy

Stealing her life

You bitch nan give me back my body said Carly who was in her nan’s 85 year old body. Sat in the corner helpless and frozen to the spot. She watched her nan who was in Carly’s 21 year old body fuck her boyfriend on the bed. Carly honey you’re wasting your youth and anyway I am satisfying your boyfriend better. Will her boyfriend was pumping away at Carly’s old body. Nan Parks your amazing as Carly, dear call me Carly. Now pump me with your cum so this transformation is complete. Don’t you dare shout Carly. With that Will cummed in Carly. The transformation was complete, thank you said the new Carly gonna love this

Perfect change

The special serum cream had worked for Maggie. She was no a 19 year old sexy woman and their was no traces of old 75 year old body. With her skin so smooth and soft, her arse toned and perfect and her breasts so beautiful and firm. Maggie was loving this young body. Maggie applied the serum to her face and watch her old wrinkly face smooth out to a young beautiful face. Maggie touch her face. My god it’s perfect she said, Maggie ripped off her old clothes and put on some more sexy fitted clothing. Maggie spend time admiring her new young self. Gliding her hands over her perfect body. And playing with her breasts. Maggie then slide her hand down to her tight and soft pussy and it with her acrylic nails. Getting wet and starting to groan Maggie knew it was time to get a young cock and fuck brains out. I need cum to fill my fucking pussy. Maggie left the house to find the first cock she could shag


Jane Skelton couldn’t believe her luck. After putting anti ageing cream over her body over night as a joke. And telling her daughter who brought the cream tomorrow I will not be a 60 year old woman but a 20 year old. Jane was more hotter than when was Young. Jane spend time getting used to her new younger body playing with her firm breasts. She was now younger than her daughter. She crept into her daughters room who was away for the weekend. Jane slipped on a short red dress and some very high heels. Looking at her sexy reflection Jane now needed some cock to fuck her young body

Best wedding anniversary

For their 60th wedding anniversary Ginette decided try and make her 80 year old body a bit more sexier for her husband so she ordered the Kelly Brook lingerie set. Whilst her husband started to get undressed Ginette went into the bathroom to put the lingerie on. Ginette didn’t realise was that the lingerie actually transformer her into Kelly Brook. Ginette was gobbed smacked at her new sexy body. She walked out of the bathroom into the bedroom. Ginette is that you said her husband. Yes it is babe, now I want your cock and fuck me all night long. This was the best wedding anniversary for Ginette and her husband