Test Serum 1

“Is she ready?” John asked. Looking at the bound and gagged blonde before him. It was hard to believe that only one week ago the busty beauty before him had been Charles Brown, or in clinical terms, Test subject 001 for gender and mind alteration serum UX-01.

Charles had been a volunteer, so that made John feel a bit better, but he was sure that Charles had no idea what he had volunteered for. Switching on the microphone in the room Charles said, “Cassie, can you hear me?” She immediately turned her head as much as her bonds allowed toward the speaker and nodded yes. John still marveled at how quickly the serum had worked on his, now her body. Within 2 hours of injection all body hair below the neck had disappeared, within 6 breasts had began to form, and by the 24th hour a perfectly proportioned blonde lay before him.

That had been the easy part, and part of the serum made the subject extremely susceptible to hypnotic suggestion as well. For the next day the speaker had constantly droned on, pouring it’s contents into the pliable girl’s mind. Suggestions such as “a girl is always horny, ready to serve a man” or a good girl is always submissive to another’s desires.” By the end of the 48 hours John was confident he had turned what was once Charles into a submissive cock-sucking slut, just as the project had intended.

Returning to the microphone and the young girl bound inside the room, John continued. “We’re going to send in someone to untie you, but you have to remain calm.” She nodded her head, but John couldn’t help but notice a crazed look in her eyes. Turning to one of his assistants he nodded, and a man in surgical scrubs entered the room. He untied both her arms, her legs, and finally removed the gag from her mouth.

Cassie immediately launched an attack on the man, and John was about to flood the room with gas to make them pass out, but then he realized she was in a sexual frenzy, not a dangerous one. The man never had a chance, and honestly he was more than happy to go along with it. Within seconds his scrubs were at his ankles, and Cassie was taking his shaft in her mouth vigorously, milking him to a very quick orgasm. John stepped back and decided to let this play out, allowing Cassie and the attendant to fuck for the better part of two hours.

He took her multiple positions, spraying cum all over the crazed girl. However as they both fell asleep from exhaustion John noticed something. All of the male attendants hair had fallen off. He decided again to let this play out, and within 6 hours, same as Cassie, the male was beginning to sprout tits. John shrugged and flipped the switch to begin the speaker on again, allowing the suggestions that had played for Cassie repeat itself.

With that he turned to his computer and made a note. “Test subject 001 not only fully transitioned due to test serum, but effects appear to be transferable via bodily fluids. Will observe David….Test subject 002.”


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