During a pool party Paulo picked up the cup that the neighbor boy, Anthony, had given his daughter Natalia to drink. Fearing that the horny boy was trying to get his daughter drunk, the concerned father sniffed the liquid inside the cup. As he expected, he smelled alcohol, but he also smelled a kind of fruity scent. He was struck by how good the drink smelled. He couldn’t resist drinking some. Not only did the drink taste absolutely delicious, but it instantly made him feel tingly and good. He couldn’t stop drinking it even when his body and clothes started changing. Before he even finished the strange drink his mind had changed as well…

Paula’s big boobs swayed as she walked on the side of the pool. The neighbor boy, Anthony, was staring at her again, nearly drooling. The boy had the nerve to show up uninvited and try to get her daughter drunk?! She was about to give him a piece of her mind.


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